Posted by: canthold | February 17, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday our offer was accepted on a house. I’m in shock today. The enormity of the situation is sinking in and the stress of planning inspections, timing the move, thinking about packing and cleaning has dampened some of my excitement. Not all. I actually jumped for joy in my kitchen shortly before cleaning my fridge.

I have always wanted a house. I’m actually living in a house for the first time in many many years but we’re renting. Our move from the-most-fabulous-apartment-ever-outgrown-by-a-family-of-four to this house was dreamy. It was bigger, had a huge backyard and came with a washer and dryer. It was perfect until we discovered its dirty little secrets.

I’m looking forward to having a place that we can have forever if that’s what we choose. I’m looking forward to giving my kids a place that they can call the house they grew up in. I’m really looking forward to making it our home.

The first time I saw the house I was skeptical. My Realtor tried to get me a showing before the first open house but the lockbox had been removed. I spent thirty minutes looking at the front while my girls played in the car, which meant that they took off their clothes and hid my sunglasses.

Instead of looking like the front of a house, the entry looked like the rear. It’s built on a hillside and it doesn’t appear to even touch the ground, but rather float over the posts on which it was built. But I saw the terracing where I could plant my garden. And the space for our dog to run. I decided it was worth a shot to return.

The house had previously been a rental and it showed. The floors were scratched up and the paint was chipping on the banisters. As I walked through slowly, all I saw was potential. The house was a diamond in the rough, but it was still a diamond. The two small decks off the top floor will definately need to be replaced, but the replacement will add so much to the living space and showcase the fabulous view.

I showed it to my husband at the next open house. I think he saw what I saw, but he’s very conservative and takes a while to get used to things like this. I think he will love it, though. Maybe he already does.

I know that any number of things can come to light during the inspection and we could have a money pit on our hands, but I’m hoping that it’s just an old house that needs some love. (It’s not so old – it’s two years older than me and I’m a young pup.) All I know is that I have a lot of love earmarked for this house. Our family will fit into it well and it will be a great home.


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