Posted by: canthold | March 20, 2006


I just revised my last post. There were a few things that I had written that didn’t sound right to me. When I first wrote it, I couldn’t pin-point what it was exactly, so I went ahead and published it anyway. The ability to revise easily is one of the wonderful qualities of computers. It is also a wonderful quality of life.

I love that every day is a new day. And while we usually do a sort of Running Average in the course of our lives of the activities and feelings we have, we are always free to turn over a new leaf, so to speak. We can always shake off the funk from the day before (or so) and have a really good day.

Recently I confided some concerns of mine to someone. It was partly the act unburdening, but also an opportunity to obtain guidance from a trusted source. It didn’t turn out anything like I expected. The advice came out of left field and thoroughly perplexed me for a couple of days. I thought that my source had missed the point entirely. I was just about to chalk it up to a complete misjudgement, when I saw the light.

Rather than address the problem I was having, the answer seemed to lie within myself. I can’t change the outcome, but I can change my approach and attitude toward the problem. This is not a new concept to me at all, as I am always trying to look at things in new ways, but I was able to come up with new actions to go along with my new approach and attitude. It’s been working.

This is exactly the reason that I favor the installation of a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge. I believe that it is possible for someone to feel depressed and hopeless enough to do something rash in the heat of the moment. Yet, if they had difficult obstacles to surmount before completing their task, they would have time to change their mind or live for another day to have a change of heart.

The San Francisco Chronicle printed an excellent series on the barrier issue and I changed my mind in favor of adding one to the bridge. The parallel was drawn that a mere four-foot railing was the same as leaving a loaded pistol on the sidewalk. And sure, there is the beauty of the bridge to consider, but how beautiful is a suicide magnet? How beautiful is the despair of ending one’s life?

Considering that people who are unsuccessful in their attempts to kill themselves do not always keep trying but can go on to live fulfilled lives, is enough to make me believe that we, as a society, need to protect the weakest members at their time of need. The beauty of revision in life is that it can apply to everyone.


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