Posted by: canthold | May 10, 2006

Once upon a time…in heaven

I have quite a few posts that I never finished. My life is continually interrupted. I was deleting a few out there (I finally figured out how!) when I ran across this one. Just as comic strip artists re-run old strips when they go on vacation, I’m going to run this while I stew on the one I wrote tonight. I need to mull tonight’s over before I hit “publish.” I’d hate to have some (new) half-baked idea out there that I can’t take back.

So here it is. I wrote it a year ago April…or May. (It’s probably not even done, but so what!)

April has always been a difficult month for me. It was the month in which my Grandma Carol and my biological father died, one year apart. Early in my marriage, it was the month that my cat of 23 years died, as well. I tend to hold my breath as the month passes, hoping that nothing will happen to mar to days until May.

This past April, a mere ten days ago, was the most heavenly, beautiful, difficult and fantastic month that I could have had to erase the spell. I got my dream house and went to Hawaii.

When the sellers of our home accepted our offer, I couldn’t believe it. I had a difficult time packing because I was so afraid something would go wrong and we wouldn’t be able to follow through. Then we closed in a whirlwind two-weeks packed up and moved over two weekends. The following Thursday, we got on a plane for Maui for twelve days.

I never worked so hard mentally and physically in so short of a period of time as I did getting us into the house and on the plane. I was exhausted at the end of every day, but my mind reeled with to-do lists for the next one. My body finally crashed on the day before we left, which means that my vertigo slowed me to a near standstill. Unfortunately, that was the day I had planned to pack our suitcases. It all worked out, though.

The worst part of our new house has been my youngest daughter’s transition to this home. She cries when we pass our old one, which is on a frequently traveled route. She says she wants to go home and doesn’t want to believe that this house is home now. I think when the boxes dissappear, she’ll settle in a bit. She is only two, and she spent half of her life at the last abode.

The best part of the billion great things that I love about it has got to be the master bath. More specifically, the shower. It is a steam shower. There is something about the way the water sprays and the shower room seals closed to capture the steam, even when the steam mechanism isn’t turned on, that makes the few minutes that I spend in the room pure heaven.


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