Posted by: canthold | May 19, 2006

Mediocrity Mockery

Is it ever okay to do mediocre work? As a parent I have had to let my perfectionist tendencies slide. Kids and clean floors don’t mix for me. (My husband doubts that I ever was a perfectionist at all.)

While I let myself off the hook about neatness – and, let’s face it – my appearance in public, I am still so critical of my writing. I have had so much going on in the last couple of months that I have not scheduled regular writing time. My time is catch as catch can with more dropping than catching going on.

Rather than post work that I can’t quite endorse, I string a host of unfinished drafts together, waiting for an edit. The drafts mock my sweatshirt and bleary eyes and cower at my lengthy to-do list that grows by the minute. The drafts know that the list will get more air-time than they will.


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