Posted by: canthold | June 14, 2006

Steel Boots

Writing is a lot like exercising. Getting up in the morning and trying to work out after a long sedentary period feels like donning steel boots and running on a magnetic road. Each step is heavy and the energy required to sustain continued activity is not on tap. Likewise, sitting down for the first time in a while in front of the computer trying to string words together after a long absence is just as slow-going.

On the flip-side, taking a flight of stairs at a fast clip while in tip-top shape is like getting a shot of adrenaline or receiving a blue ribbon at a cake bake: it feels great. Facing the blank screen with clever bon mots wiggling out of the ol’ noggin feels pretty darn blue ribbon, too.

My favorite motivator these days is the riddle: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It has gotten me through packing my house then unpacking my house. Cleaning, sorting, getting through my days and now getting back on the writing horse.

I’m not expecting to churn out a best seller first thing in the morning without my coffee, I’m just looking to get my relationship with my inner muse on a first name basis. Maybe she and I can have a cup of coffee and start working out together. And hopefully, she won’t make me wear my boots.


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