Posted by: canthold | December 10, 2006

What To Get Me For Christmas

I don’t get asked what I want for Christmas much anymore. I think I’m pretty easy to buy for and very easy to please. Give me a macaroni necklace and I’m pleased as punch. I find, however, that much of what I really want can’t be purchased anyway.

So here’s my list and here’s hoping that I get some of it, though good luck to you if you have any means to do it.

1. I want my children to be safe. I wish for this daily and do whatever I can to help this come true.

2. I want the troops to come back from Iraq. There is only one man who can implement this wish and it ain’t Santa.

3. I wish that I had more patience and a handle on my temper. I worry that I’m setting a bad example for my kids when I lose my cool, but it occurred to me that they’re setting a bad example for me with their tantrums and perhaps I’m just learning what works for them and using it on my own.

4. I would like to lose that last little bit of weight from having kids and hit the maintenance stage. Trying to lose weight really puts the damper on my enjoyment of cakes and candy.

5. I wish I had the clean gene. I’m appalled by the mess that creeps into my house, but I wish I actually had the ability to snap to it the way I would like. Yippee for Fly Lady, but baby steps are hard when I’m still just crawling.

6. I wish I would actually write the letters on paper that I write in my head. In fact, instead of writing this blog, I should be writing a thank you to Aunt Dian in New Hampshire and an equally lengthy letter response to my friend Elene in Missouri.

7. I wish I could get a good haircut. For some reason, finding a person capable of giving me a good haircut for my hair every time I go is like searching for the Holy Grail. It just shouldn’t be that hard!

The funny thing is, I am very happy with what I have. There is a song that I just adore that says, “all I want for Christmas, is just to keep the things that I’ve got.” That about says it all…


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