Posted by: canthold | January 17, 2007

The Baby Powder Incident

My kids are great. I hope that every mom out there thinks the same thing about their own kids, but I definately feel that way about mine. They are particularly great at playing together nicely and entertaining themselves. While this can be a great thing, it has its drawbacks.

Just the other day, I was upstairs doing something – probably washing dishes or some other mundane cleaning task – and they were downstairs playing together. (I’ll interject that our house is on a hill so it’s sort of upside-down. The living quarters are downstairs and the main living area is upstairs.) While they were downstairs playing, my internal mommy timer went off to go check on them. This so called timer is the intuition inside of me that alerts me to the proper amount of time that my children have been quiet enough to get into danger or mischief.

Sure enough, as I headed to the staircase, I hear giggling and a distinct scurrying sound. I don’t see the girls, but the tell-tale signs of trouble in the form of baby powder foot prints lead the way. I discover them downstairs – naked – covered from head to toe in baby powder – which, by the way, is strictly forbidden from them to play with.* I couldn’t help but laugh at the silliness of the situation. Baby powder coated the bathroom and hallway with a fine powder and it was mixed with a little water for some kind of playtime, that I cannot even fathom what was going through their little heads.

Besides being very funny to me, I was struck by the calmness in which I handled the situation. I’m not proud of the fact that I’m a ‘yeller’ – you know, the kind of mom who yells when something goes sideways, but I didn’t yell at all. I felt a moment of growth on my part when I realized that it really is important to just take things in stride sometimes. I got out the vacuum and sucked up the powder that was still dry, splashed the kids into the tub and wiped up the rest. I even got a chuckle in when I found a black something-or-other with a little white footprint on it later on.

Kids will be kids and they’ll remember it as the fun they had with the baby powder. I’ll remember it as the Baby Powder Incident and pat myself on the back for letting them have a fun childhood memory.

*I tend to make rules for everything. It’s my nature. The fact that I have a rule about no baby powder for playing is because I have learned from experience that kids + baby powder = a big mess. I think that I’m going to lighten up and ignore that rule, though. Because the reality is, kids + mess = fun for the kids.


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