Posted by: canthold | June 20, 2007

A Baby Named Maude


I’ve been really into family mythology lately. These are the stories that aren’t necessarily true, but you cannot know for certain. Regardless of veracity, they are passed down as fact with, perhaps, a grain of salt.

There are stories about my family that I’ve been telling for years that have turned out to be untrue. My last name used to be Kennedy, and my family celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with the best of them, but I knew that I didn’t have a drop of Irish blood in me. Well, as it turned out years later, I actually do have Irish relatives. It really blew a hole in the iron-clad lineage that I had worked out, but there it is.

When my oldest daughter was born, I wanted to name her after my grandmother, whose middle name was Margaret. I wanted to call her Maggie, (and yes, I love the Rod Stewart song Maggie May.) My husband was dead set against it – even as a middle name. My husband has been telling my daughter that I wanted to name her Maude. No offense to anyone named Maude, but that’s not the most attractive name out there. And I can’t imagine it on a baby, either. I don’t even know if my husband remembers me trying to name her Maude, (which I did not) or if he’s trying to tease both of us at the same time. This story, as time passes by, will become part of our family mythology.

I thought of this as I’ve been trying to find the right look for my site. Picking a design theme is like picking a baby name. They’re definitely hard to choose. When I picked the last one, I liked the thought of having a lawn. I keep getting tons of errors when I tried to use it again and my current state of mind is to avoid as many problems as I can. I’m tired of troubleshooting. My patience isn’t what it was when I was a singleton taking programming classes in college. So here’s another lawn. Grass for my grass-less hillside home. And I hope it’s not just another baby named Maude.



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  2. Here from COFL…

    I love the grass! I myself have some grass in my blog design – even though I currently live in the desert, I love green! Family mythology is important – whether the stories are completely true or not, they add some kind of unity and bonding and sense of, well, family…There’s this old story in my family about my relatives from Scotland, or was it Ireland, that came to America, and spent one terrible night camping in the hollow of an enormous tree in Ohio. Are there any enormous trees in Ohio? 🙂

  3. As children we never question these stories, but as adults, we start putting two and two together and they don’t add up. Most likely, it never will. Thanks for your comment!

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