Posted by: canthold | June 27, 2007

The Best Life

picture-this.JPGOne of my favorite magazines is Best Life. Perhaps THE favorite of the moment – certainly by the excitement I get when retrieving it from my mailbox. They bill it as what matters to men. I discovered it in an airport with an attention grabbing headline about the safest place to sit on a plane and stress-free travel. It immediately appealed to my sensibilities and I was hooked.

Besides the beautiful pictures of well-dressed men, the magazine contains articles containing advice to men about how to be good fathers. And this is what compelled me to subscribe. It’s not that I’m in need of this sort of advice – after all, I’m a mother – but it soothes my soul.

Without sprawling out on the couch to tell you about my father, I will say that when the time came for me to have my own children, providing them with a wonderful father was more important to me than anything.

You can imagine the joy that I get from a magazine that has a section called Reality Check: Modern Fatherhood Made Easy. And the insert next to it for a subscription with a free gift: How to be a great dad. I read the articles like I’m curled up eating a bowl of whipped cream. I fantasize that my own dad were the author and scheme to find ways of convincing my husband to read the tidbits for his own use.

Then I read them again.

I think that if my husband, who is an amazingly fun and attentive father in his own right, doesn’t use the information provided, perhaps I can, and in the process, become an even better Superparent.

This month’s article on fatherhood has much to do with making the time spent with your kids as quality as possible. Then, let the kids know that you treasure them with mementos in the form of pictures and souvenirs from trips. It’s all relative common sense and nothing that mothers don’t do automatically, but it still warms my heart to read it coming from a man.

I wonder sometimes about how my children will view me when we all grow up a bit more. Will they appreciate the machinations behind the daily grind or will they take me for granted? Will they resent me for my discipline and routine or will they respect the job that I had to do? Will they think their dad was the fun parent and I the ogre? Well, I hope that they see it like it is, that both of us are doing the best we can to give them the best life we possibly could. Whatever that is…what matters to our family.


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