Posted by: canthold | June 28, 2007

Tears And Tours


Both of my children gave up naps when they were about two-years-old. Once I had to don heavy armor for the Battle of the Nap, I decided I’d rather be a lover not a fighter. I don’t force the issue.

Nonetheless, I think my youngest needs a nap today.

She’s screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs and nothing I do will console her. Except maybe TV, which I haven’t tried…yet.

And it makes me excited for the Tour de France to start. Actually, I was excited before, but if Calgon can’t take me away, maybe the bike can. (It’s just too hot for a bath!)

Last year for my husband’s birthday, his mom and I went in on a boxed set of DVDs of Lance Armstrong’s Tour victories. (Sheactually gets credit for the gift, though.) We watch it at night as we wind down for bed the way some people watch Leno. Since we don’t have cable in our bedroom and something has to be on, this is as good as anything. (My husband needs the TV to fall asleep and I need to be distracted past my bedtime so that I can snooze my alarm in the morning and require copious amounts of coffee.)

In years past, my husband I have been known to get up at the crack of dawn to watch the day’s stage before going to work. We watch it again that night and read-all-about-it. It was easy when Lance was still in the game because he was easy to cheer for. He was the champion and the American, but there was never a guarantee that he would win each time. It was so exciting.

Last year was a little harder to watch because of the Spanish scandal and no obvious hero to worship. I thought Hincapie would be the one, but I did not take my eyes off Floyd. As the races flushed Hincapie out and Floyd to the forefront, the later races took on more energy, I think. I didn’t see his amazing victory of Stage 17, but saw it re-capped many many times.

So why am I excited about this year? Who will be the stand-out? I don’t really know. I like to cheer for Vinokourov because I like to say his name. It reminds me of Pippi Longstocking’s house Villa Villekulla. And Pippi is cool. She’s the strongest girl out there. (Literally!) I was sorry to see him penalized last year, when a lot of his teammates were caught in the doping net. (Not enough “clean” ones for him to compete.)

Maybe I just like to look forward to things. Vacation is over and the lazy days of summer are here. I don’t want to look forward to the school year and fall because summer is when all the fun happens (all tears aside.) The next big event* that’s pure pleasure is the Tour. And I can say that because I don’t have any of the pain from the grueling mountain stages.

I’d love to see a stand-out rider that we can all get behind and I hope he is not faced with the torture that Floyd has gone through with his own scandalous aftermath. I want to see someone that we can cheer for and feel good about. I want to watch the race while keeping my eye on the scenery and drink champagne in Paris. (Theme drinking.) And I want to get out on my bike a little, too, and remember that I like to ride. (Except that mine is a mountain bike because I’m afraid of getting hit by a car.)

If you listen closely, the crying has stopped and all is right with the world. And I’m just counting down

*Have you been watching the America’s Cup races?



  1. Did you know that we were cycling fanatics?? I could have written this post. There are several of my columns written about Lance and the Tour de France. Glad to meet a fellow enthusiast! –Barb

  2. I may have known this. It’s triggering a memory in your blog of a photo of your husband on a bike? Your husband’s bike? Your husband in bike shorts? My memory is like a sieve…

    We’ll have to compare notes when the Tour starts. Which, by the way is 7/7/07. A theoretically lucky day!

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