Posted by: canthold | August 20, 2007

Too Much

My friend bought the book, It’s All Too Much, by Peter Walsh,  recently. We’re both Flylady fans and we’ve been getting our homes in order, but this book seems like the kick in the pants that both of us needed in lieu of the sweet gentle guidance of the feather-duster-wielding fairy.

My friend is reading it, but I only read the title and skimmed it. As a result, yesterday I went through my closet and purged four giant garbage bags of clothes. It was all too much.

Flylady is great at telling you not to keep things that you don’t feel good wearing. Why keep size fours when you wear an eight? I appreciate the nudge in the right direction. The book title alone is a giant push and tells you how to let go. It’s how to get over the mental hurdle of loving something for the wrong reasons. That’s what I needed.

I kept a few things that don’t fit because I just love them. I figured that I was entitled to hold onto a few irrational pieces after purging so much. I’m still much better off than when I started. My husband is even out of town and I’m going to go through his things while he’s gone. I know he won’t let do it himself.

(Surprise, Honey! I got rid of all your clothes and stinky old shoes!)

My kids – mostly my oldest daughter – have a hard time letting go. I was traumatized by my dad one time when he swept through my brother’s and my room with a garbage can and threw away everything we had on the floor. I never wanted to do this to them, but boy is it tempting. While I’ve wanted to keep them in the loop to pare down their toys, they don’t part with anything voluntarily so I have to do it under the cover of darkness. 

After one of my once-a-month running excursions, (because I can’t find the time more often,) I found this cute little night table and fancy mirror sitting outside someone’s home waiting for the trash. I thought I could turn these two things into a princess-y dressing table for them. They could put their hair accessories and jewelry inside the two little drawers. I thought they’d love it.

There was a reason, though, that the owner was throwing it away. It was kind of junky. It needed to be painted and that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to paint it white and leave the mirror gold. It would look great in their room like that. But no. My oldest daughter wanted me to leave it the way it was. So I sanded it – ish – not a thorough job, but enough for me – and intended to stain it.

Today when I went to stain it, my daughter and I got into a disagreement. She didn’t want me to do anything to it. She wants it just the way it is right now but it just looks too crappy. I’m either going to stain it tonight after they go to bed, or I’m going to leave it out for trash day tomorrow. The arguing about it is all too much.

Through the course of the day and a gazillion interruptions to write this, my daughter and I have come to a peaceful solution for the table. I’m going to paint it white. Knowing this a while ago could have saved me the time spent sanding it, but I’m sure the paint will look better for the effort so it’s not entirely for nothing. Problem solved.

(Just wait till you’re sleeping though, Sweetie. I’m going to go through your toys…)


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