Posted by: canthold | August 22, 2007

Baby kittens are so cute!


I have been wanting to write a post about the new addition to our family but haven’t gotten around to it. I composed a very witty one in my head this morning, but given the choice between trying to get more sleep and heading to the computer, you can see which won out. We got a kitten on Friday and it’s been pretty close to heaven. This kitten is amazing. Not only does she tolerate my kids picking her up and carrying her all over (think Frieda and her cat from Peanuts) but she’s unfazed by our Lab, Mooch.


While she was supposed to be a birthday gift for my youngest daughter’s fourth birthday, my diabolical plan to make her my own has worked! Unfortunately, that includes getting woken up by a playful kitty at 6:00 in the morning. She bit my chin to get my attention!

The introduction and integration to and into our family has gone really, really well… until today. I think I’ve blown a gasket or something. If I don’t start drinking in the next ten or fifteen minutes, all hope might be lost for me.

To recap my day: I got woken up too early. Then – blah blah blah normal stuff. Then we took the kitten to the vet for her shots, and a quote to get her spayed. For some reason, my vet would not do this over the phone. Perhaps they wanted to see what kind of car I drive to see what they can charge me. I don’t know.

Next, I had to pay for this visit. I was expecting it to cost – oh, I don’t know – $40 for the exam, and about $40 for a couple of shots. Throw in some Heartgard for my dog, and Advantage for fleas and ticks for my dog and now cat, and MY BILL WAS ALMOST $450!!! I’m afraid to tell my husband. He will freak out. I’m afraid to look at the break down of expenses myself. How can this happen? Little rescue kittens are just supposed to seamlessly fold into the fold, right? The quote for her to get spayed was over $450 and her next visit for the rest of the shots is supposed to be over $200 according to the receptionist. We’re talking nearly $1000 for this cat. How did this happen? Okay, $900, since $100 of it was for my dog meds.

In case you don’t know me well enough to know I hate to spend money, I’ll tell you that this was well out of my comfort zone today. Partly because I was expecting to spend about $80, but partly because if my husband had any idea that this little rescue kitty cost so much, he’d take it back. It’s probably needless to say that I’m going to investigate alternative options for shots and spaying, but still.

So then, after my kitty was vaccinated, I put her Advantage on her and I put it where I was supposed to. (I have to interject here that I was skeptical that she even needed it. We don’t have fleas in our house, to my knowledge. We don’t have carpets or rugs except in the bathroom. Mostly I worry about my dog getting ticks, which he has had before, and if this girl is an indoor cat, she’s not going to get them, I think.) I checked on her in a little bit and it looked like she might have licked her Advantage off. The fur looked newly licked back there – where I didn’t think she could reach! So possibly as a consequence of her vaccinations or accidental poisoning, or possibly the result of several days of being chased around by two kids, she slept all day long. She slept so much that she didn’t eat anything. I kept looking to see if she was breathing. (When I petted her, she purred.)

I put the food where she could get it easier and the dog ate it. Twice I foolishly fell for this trick. The kitten food is not good for the dog. It will make my dog, who fully deserves his name, fat(ter).

Near the end of my day, I spent too much time on the phone trying to fix a bank error. It turns out that the mistake is mine, probably the result of pregnancy brain that never corrected after the birth of my kids. Will I ever be normal again?

I’m ready for it to be tomorrow. I think that I’m going to forage through our wine, which my husband buys and opens and I simply enjoy, but he’s out of town so I have to do it myself tonight. How about a glass of Frei Brothers?

Drinking to feel better always reminds me of that M*A*S*H episode where Hawkeye realizes he has a drinking problem and gives up drinking when he needs it for just when he wants it. Even though I used to be in love with him as a kid (go figure!) I think tonight it sounds pretty good. Throw in some popcorn and sappy movie and I’ll forget all about my stress filled day.


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