Posted by: canthold | August 23, 2007

Dirty Water And A Note

The kitten is fine. Boy is that a relief! She must have been bushed from all the hubbub or bitter about the shots. I can’t tell you how relieved I have been all day!

I finally worked up the nerve to look at the bill and it was about $350 and not $450. The price of the Advantage for both pets was astronomical. I’m definitely going to look into other sources to compare. I thought they were around $50 but they’re close to $100 for my dog and $88 for my cat. That’s insane.

I think that just about any cost to keep ticks off my dog is worth it after finding two engorged ticks attached to him last year. When he got the first one, I was so freaked out that I didn’t know what to do. I called the vet and they told me to bring him in. They showed me the proper way to pull the darned thing off. First put some rubbing alcohol on it, then take some tweezers and grab the head. pull and twist at the same time. Piece of cake. No big deal. (And they didn’t even charge me!)

When I found the second tick, I had to do it myself. Since I didn’t have any rubbing alcohol (still don’t) I used vodka. My dog was a little skeptical and I had to chase him, which resulted in my pouring the vodka on his head in a more general area, rather than specific. When it came time to use the tweezers and pull, he wasn’t really into me doing that and I took a clump of hair in the process. He had a small bald spot on his head for a couple of weeks, but I got the tick.


Anyway, I’m delaying mentioning the most prominent and exciting thing that happened today. My oldest daughter lost her second tooth! It’s been on the verge for about a week and she refused to help it along. She even tried to refuse going into the pool for fear that she’d lose it in there forever. Since she swallowed her first tooth, this one has been especially significant.

She had been running around the house as excited as can be for bedtime to get the whole Tooth Fairy business under way. She wanted to know the Tooth Fairy’s name, so she wrote a note to put with the tooth under her pillow. And she left a bowl of dirty water upstairs.

The hill that we live on is also home to several other little girls besides my own. Apparently, they have been on friendly terms with fairies for a while and it’s common practice to set up little homes for the fairies to inhabit, along with treats. In return, the fairies leave little gifts. I discovered tonight that the oldest girl knows fairies like to drink water mixed with dirt, which is why my daughter prepared this concoction, too.

I have a feeling that the Tooth Fairy is going to tell my daughter that she doesn’t like dirty water and that she prefers cream soda instead. It’s just a hunch.


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