Posted by: canthold | August 23, 2007

Reigning Cats & Dogs


This morning I woke up at six again. Today it wasn’t the kitty who bit my face but yesterday’s stress. Kitty was sleeping peacefully next to me as she had all night. I had to wake her up just to make sure she was able.

I did that to my youngest daughter once when she was a baby. I woke up with her next to me to find her cold and still. I thought she was dead and I panicked. How I remember it is that I hit her to make her cry. Not hard or hurtful, just enough to make sure my precious bundle was still with me in this world. She woke up and I cried. I will never forget that feeling of absolute terror.

So Kitty is still alive. After further inspection, I think I put her Advantage on too low. I’ll call the vet to see what I need to do. She seems fine and happy, just not too perky and playful. And she hasn’t eaten. This, too, reminds me of my babies. They weren’t themselves when they got their shots either. I just don’t know.

I got out of bed to write today because I feel just as tense as I did yesterday. I usually take my dog for 30 minute to an hour long walks every day (with a big hill included) and since my husband has been out of town I haven’t been able to do that. I can feel the stress building up in me with his absence. Mooch is feeling it too. One of the contributing factors to yesterday’s  meltdown was his fault.

I play with my neighbor’s dog a couple of times a week. She’s a sweet American Lab, where as my dog is an English Lab. Bailey is very into chasing tennis balls. Whenever I get her out, she lives a couple doors down, she runs up the stairs to the street and barks at me until I can throw something for her to chase. When we lose the balls, which we always do, I throw stuffed animals that my kids don’t play with.

Yesterday, she was simply running and must have stepped funny on our uneven street (that our town has no intention of re-paving any time soon) and she whimpered then limped. Two seconds later, she was running again, determined to play with me (and Mooch, but less him, more me.) I threw Peter Rabbit for a while and she whimpered again. I got her to lay down to investigate her paw and she started submissive peeing. It’s not just that she peed all over, but it’s that she laid down with her head on the downhill side and her pee area on the uphill side.

I got her up and tried to get her to lie down again or finish peeing then lie down. No. She only peed while lying down and even splashed it with her tail. (I got a towel and tried to dry her off as best as I could.) After the peeing, she seemed fine again but I decided to take her home, just in case.

I walked Bailey to her house and Mooch followed me. He didn’t have anything in his mouth, which was a critical mistake. He gets into playful mode when he has a toy or bone in his mouth. Absent the distraction, he thinks he’s in charge. While I was feeding Bailey her lunch, Mooch ran away. Do I need to mention that he doesn’t come when he’s called? How about that he’s very territorial and will bark at people in a threatening manner?

He didn’t come back home for about 15 minutes. During that time, I oscillated between hoping that he’d come home soon and that Animal Control would take him away. Scared Straight came to mind, but I doubt it would work on him.

Poor dog. He gets slightly displaced in the family with the addition of a new kitten and loses his walks for a week when my husband goes out of town. I’m sure eating kitten food is only a small consolation.


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