Posted by: canthold | August 24, 2007

Capitalism In Captivity

My six-year-old’s “Self Portrait”        My four-year-old’s “Mermaid in a Bathtub”

Only one more official day left of summer. I know that technically summer doesn’t end until September 22nd or something like that – usually after my birthday, which is the 20th. For all parents out there, we know that summer ends when school starts. The weekend doesn’t count.

Both of my kids start school on Monday and two of us are very excited. My oldest starts First Grade and is over-the-moon ready to go. My youngest starts pre-Kindergarten and would just as soon stay home with me for the rest of her life. I’m excited, let me tell you.

I’ve been referring to today as my Last Day in Captivity.

This last week has been spent suspending all rules. I’ve been giving them as much freedom as I can muster because once the daily grind starts, it’s a whole new ballgame. They’re enjoying themselves. Yesterday we never left the house and they stayed in their pjs all day long. Thursdays are usually farmer’s market days, but we just didn’t feel like going.

I’ve been trying to clear my kids’ art from the last year-and-a-half before school starts and more new stuff starts accumulating. Both of them want to save every single scrap they’ve ever marked on – even if it’s just a bunch of doodles. I’m their biggest fan, by far, but I can’t take it anymore. My solution is to digitally photograph everything and toss most all of it. My oldest likes the idea of archiving for prosperity, but still doesn’t want to let go of the tangible articles. I offered to pay a nickle-a-page to “buy” her art. She liked that, but wanted to sell them for a $1.00 each instead, (or was a $100 each?) No deal. It would cost too much, though I’m impressed with my little capitalist. I’m going to get my way whether she goes along with me or not. I’m a dictator, not an elected official. I win.

As for the Tooth Fairy…my daughter chickened out and didn’t put her tooth under her pillow. She was afraid that she’d never see it again and the Tooth Fairy didn’t bother to show up.



  1. I love the idea of digitally capturing the REAMS of art! What is it about us humans that just loves what we create? 🙂

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