Posted by: canthold | August 28, 2007

Crumbs Under The Toaster

These are a few things that have happened recently that I’ll never make into a full post at the rate I’m going! Just like that tray under the toaster oven that catches all the crumbs, this post will collect them for you.

My oldest daughter called me into the living room the other day. While pointing above the window to a giant spider on the wall she says, “Evil’s afoot!”

My youngest daughter has taken to using the statement, “Did you ever know…” about all kinds of stuff. To which I sing, of course, “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?” Today, she actually started singing it with me and forgot what she was saying.

This weekend while driving all over tarnation, looking for supplies to fix the darned dollhouse that I repaired for volunteer credit (against my mandatory 20 hours a year) at my youngest daughter’s preschool, I decided to stop at the store and do some shopping. I hate shopping, by the way. I was sitting in the aisle of the parking lot waiting for someone to pull out. I had my blinker on and everything. Some dumb jerk whips into the spot I had my eye on and then, WHAM! an older lady hits my car. I was stopped directly behind her, perpendicular to her car. Oh no, oh no, oh no is running through my head. My car isn’t that old and the nightmare of a car accident makes me sick to my stomach. I get out and look at my car, which is apparently totally fine, which means that I can breathe again. Then the lady says to me, “You need to be careful.” And I reply, “Why? So someone doesn’t hit my car because they weren’t looking?” Unbelievable. She hits me and tells me to be careful. I was right behind her!I didn’t do any shopping after-all. Apparently it’s hazardous and I need to stay away.

Oh! And don’t forget to visit Carnival of Family Life in Dubai!


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