Posted by: canthold | September 3, 2007

I’m Glad I Don’t Live in Texas

I don’t have anything against Texas. Both of my mother-in-laws live there and we even visit sometimes. It seems so different from where we live that it’s almost like visiting a foreign country.

I’ve only been to Houston and Dallas and the road in between. I’ve heard that everyone loves Austin and would like to see it one day. I’ve also read a bunch of books set in West Texas lately, which is such a strange coincidence, since they’re nothing alike. (It’s Not About the Bike, by Lance Armstrong; Liar’s Club, A Memoir, by Mary Karr; and Friday Night Lights, by HG Bissinger.)

The thing that I love about Houston is spending time with my husband’s mom. Other than that, they have mosquitos and lots of traffic. I stare wide-eyed at the amount of retail space they have there and the price (and size) of the homes. Compared to the Bay Area, some huge-o-house is chump change. But maybe the two things are connected. Save money on your house and spend it on buying stuff in the strip malls. Hmmmm…

And it’s very flat.

But the reason I’m glad that I don’t live there is this little news item that I saw recently. Apparently there’s a tree that is covered in a GIANT community spider web. Check out the video tab on this link and you’ll get a better view. This is my worst nightmare. It reminds me of a horror movie that I saw (only parts of) years ago where the spiders covered the entire town. This is the thing that I thought of when I talked about my field training in the Army and all the spiders covered our campsite. Fortunately, my own experience was made up of millions of individual spider webs and not a communal sort of thing.

I probably shouldn’t hold this against Texas. My house is a little Spiderville right here in California. I used to call San Anselmo the Spider Capital of the World because everyone that I knew had so many of the little critters. They’re not scaring me away from living here, so I’m sure that if I wanted to live in Texas, a GIANT communal web that has over-taken an entire tree wouldn’t turn me off, right?


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