Posted by: canthold | September 7, 2007

Sweating The Small Stuff

I got an Invoice from my daughter’s preschool yesterday. My face turned red and steam flew out of my ears. I’m having issues with some charges from last year that totally don’t belong there and they haven’t been corrected, thus re-starting my frustration with the opening of the mail.

I was so furious and riled up that I spent close to an hour writing a scathing email to the director of the school and the accountant. I pouted for a long time, too, and complained to my husband and my best friend.

Then I calmed down.

Then I tried tempering the email so that it sounded more civilized. Then I slept on it, and re-wrote again today to make it sound normal.

I think I learned something from this. My hot temper is really bad. I could have a heart attack from the anxiety I experience when I get my buttons pushed. Take a step back and the Big Deal is really not that big of a deal. (Whatever. I suppose…)

What I really realized is that I don’t like to be wrong. I used to never be wrong and now I’m wrong occasionally. But don’t accuse me of being wrong when I’m not. I think that THAT is what made my fur stand on end and the whistle sound come out of my nose.

Have you heard about eScrip? Have you signed up for this fundraiser for your children’s school? It’s a great passive fundraiser so your kids’ (or grandkid’s) schools can add extra programs like music and PE. The parent organization for my oldest daughter’s school received somewhere around $60,000 dollars from it last year. With the money (and other funds raised by the organization) our school district now has music, art, library, garden and PE. These programs are not funded by the state, even though they used to be when I was a kid. In my opinion, these should be standard, not extra, but I’m just one humble parent.

Well, my whole hot-temper issue is that my youngest daughter’s preschool requires that we sign up for Scrip or we have to pay extra tuition. I think they should just raise the tuition (they did anyway) and let the public schools get the money, rather than private preschools. And if you’re going to do it this way, at least do the accounting correctly. That’s all I’m going to say.

I don’t like getting mad at small stuff. It bothers me to tip in the direction of extreme stress. I guess, though, that’s part of who I am. I might not be Type AAA personality anymore (because simply Type A wasn’t enough) but I’m still not just a passive happy-go-lucky person. And when, Richard Carlson, the guy who wrote the book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff dies from cardiac arrest, I think that maybe he should have sweated just a little more. I tell you what, I’ll try to meet him half-way and sweat it just a little less.


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