Posted by: canthold | September 11, 2007

New Car Smell

I should have known where this would lead when my husband gave me some of those smelly Christmas trees to hang in my car. His car is pretty clean, but he doesn’t tote two little kids and an 85-pound Labrador Retriever, sometimes two, around town. 

My four-year-old begged my husband the other day to take my car so that we could take his. When asked why, she said, “Mommy’s car stinks. I don’t want to ride it in it.” Well that’s a low blow.

Frankly, I don’t smell it. Or at least I didn’t. After all this time, I finally noticed that my car did have a funky whiff. I brought out the Febreeze, because it claims to kill the source of the odor, though I’m a little embarrassed that I ever bought the stuff to begin with that I’d have it on hand.

No luck. Kiddo still complained.

I cleaned out all of the food and stuff that accumulates between trips to and from school, ballet, farmer’s market, the grocery store, the library, the dog park, the playground and everywhere else that we go. Still, the smell persisted.

The girls and I even washed the outside of the car. I had every intention of washing the inside, but never got around to it, which is the story of my life. So much of what I do is only half-way done that it’s pretty pathetic. I do think that I’ll eventually finish it all, but that’s another post.

Since we don’t have a garage or car port, our car gets bombarded by oak tree droppings. And bird poop. And the spiders always make a home at my outside mirror on the driver’s side (and once on the inside of the car in that same spot. I screamed. My daughter screamed. I stopped the car in the middle of the street and climbed out the passenger door, ran around, opened mine and killed the spider. All the while, my daughter and I are screaming until we start laughing hysterically at how hysterically scared we were.) And needless to say, my car doesn’t stay clean very long.

So today, I went to pick up my car from the dealer service department and went to sign off on the work order, I noticed a little comment in there.

“Inside of car was nasty. Vacuumed interior and washed. Massive amounts of dog hair clogged the vacuum.”

Okay, so they didn’t give me that copy so I’m not sure of the exact quote, but that’s pretty close. I laughed. I said out loud that I thought it was rude. True, but rude.



I’m sure it was written by some young single guy who doesn’t share his car with anyone except a well-manicured date. Drive a mile in my shoes, Buddy, before you judge my car. But thanks for cleaning it out. It smells terrific now.


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