Posted by: canthold | September 19, 2007

With My Thumb!

Monday I vacuumed up seven baby cellar spiders out of my office. Some mama cellar spider was getting busy, wasn’t she? As I sat down yesterday, I looked out the back-door window from my desk and watched a chicken walk by. Something brought me to the computer to write. I don’t know what. I never finished.

Today was my oldest daughter’s picture day at school. Since I forgot to give her a bath last night, I gave her one this morning. She had her head in the water to rinse the shampoo and I saw a baby cellar spider inches above her face in the side of the tub. I killed it with my thumb! This is not something I would normally do. Killing a spider with my bare hands is one of the bravest things I can think of in my spider-phobic world. But that’s how much I love my daughter. If she had seen the spider so close to her face, she would have freaked out. They’re so tiny, it’s a wonder that we’re afraid of these little things at all. But we are.

I had the added bonus to volunteer in her classroom today to work with the first graders on their writing. Boy howdy are they cute! We talked about autumn/fall. Then I read them a story and they were probably more out-of-line than they would have been for their teacher, but since it wasn’t too bad, I managed to be patient. They wrote sentences about their favorite part of fall and drew a picture.

My favorite thing about fall is the sweater. Sweaters in general. Cashmere sweaters. Wearing cashmere sweaters. I still lament the day that I gave away my first cashmere sweater. I think my mom got the blue v-neck at a second-hand store. I wore that thing out.I finally had to get rid of it because I wouldn’t stop wearing it and it looked hideous with the holes and repairs all over. But I loved it. My favorites now rotate. I trade off between loving my brown cardigan and my black one more. I also have a very pretty shade of coral in a short sleeve that looks great, too. Mmmmmm…

Another favorite thing about fall is that the spiders don’t seem as populous. I don’t know what causes that, whether it’s the fact that we’ve lived here long enough to wipe out some of the mass-producers, or if our dry winter last year had something to do with it. Either way, I must say that I can still feel the spot on my thumb. It feels like someone pinched me really hard to remind me how crazy I must have been. I know I didn’t get bitten, but the feeling is still there.


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