Posted by: canthold | September 24, 2007

Growl-y Monday

Growl-y Monday Part 1:

My dog doesn’t like to be mounted by other dogs. I don’t blame him. Some young thing tried to do it this morning and I thought Mooch was going to eat the little guy. Not really. For all the socialization problems he has with people, he loves other dogs. He lives for his morning meet and greets.

When my husband told me we had to get a male dog, I was really against the idea because I thought he’d be humping everything. As it turns out, we got lucky in this department. He picks some large pillow and makes it into a sort of girlfriend and leaves everything else alone. It’s time for him to meet someone new, though. Here’s his last one, may she rest in peace.


Growl-y Monday Part 2:

I went to Weight Watchers for the first time this morning. I figured that whatever I’m doing is definitely not working out for me. I need the right tools in my pocket and I figured this was a big wrench, if you know what I mean. I’ve been working up to doing this. I didn’t think that if I wanted to only lose 20 pounds that I should bother going to the meetings and everything. After what I saw today, I think this was a good idea.

The whole concept of the meetings – to provide support and accountability – is great. I can totally see why it works for people who commit to it. We’ll see if I fit into this category. I only paid for one week. How’s that for commitment? Even still, I counted up my points today and even though I ate some bad stuff, I didn’t go over my allotment. I did miss my run this morning, which bums me out, but if this plan does what it’s supposed to, then it would be worth it.

After the meeting, I went to my car and was about to pull out of the parking lot when I spotted a Starbucks. I quickly made a decision about how much time I had and opted to park and go in. I ordered my usual, the short, white chocolate mocha, when I added that I wanted the whip-cream. I felt sort of sneaky, but since I was new at this Weight Watchers thing, I thought I just started. No one will know. Then I kneeled down to tie my shoe and my Weight Watchers name tag rubbed against my arm. So much for being non-challant. HELLO! I ORDERED WHIP-CREAM ON WEIGHT WATCHERS!

Growl-y Monday Part 3:

I wrote that last post about the natural vision correction from the heart. I really did. I know that my eyesight improved. I used to need to wear contacts when I surfed and got to the point where I could skip them and see well enough. In fact, I can skip my glasses when I absolutely have to, which I couldn’t do before this all began.

Apparently, my vision is pretty much unchanged from my last prescription filled two-years ago. So much for improvement. I guess when you don’t do anything different, you can’t expect anything different. Maybe I should be glad that they’re not getting worse. And I know that I’m definitely glad that my near-vision is good. I read the smallest of the small-small print during my exam. And I don’t have glaucoma. And I don’t have any blind-spots. And I can finally replace the scratched up things.



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