Posted by: canthold | September 25, 2007

There were two in the bed and the little one said…

The latest debate/decorating dilemma is whether to or how to give my kids their own rooms. We live in a three-bedroom house and the rooms are a bit on the small side. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love our house and less room means less to clean/less crap to keep. (Theoretically, at least.)

Currently the two girls share a room, (the smallest) and the third bedroom is the “playroom.” Another name for this could be Where The Giant Pile Of Toys Takes Over. I can’t stay on top of keeping this room clean and I can’t get my kids to clean. I know that’s my fault. I’m a failure at making my kids clean up after themselves. Now that they’re getting older, it’s getting easier, but I’ve wanted to quit my job as Mom over this many times.

Since school started, the girls have not been going to sleep when I put them to bed. I try to have lights out by 8:30 and they’re still playing and fooling around by 9:30 or 10:00. This can’t go on. My solution is to separate them. By doing this, I sort of kill two birds with one stone. They can’t play to keep each other awake and they’re also responsible for their own space so they can’t say that the other isn’t helping clean.

I don’t know.

My husband thinks they’re too young. My youngest daughter is four and I think she’d have the hardest time with it. My oldest, six, wants her own room most of the time. Last night, however, she asked if they could stay together.

A couple people suggested that I simply put them to bed at different times. I haven’t tried this yet. I’m a bit skeptical since the youngest is usually the trouble-maker keeping my oldest up. How early would I have to put her to bed for her to get to sleep before the other goes in there? And what about the oldest’s desire to “wind down” by looking at books before falling asleep. That in itself is not a deal killer, since I can just say she can look at books elsewhere while she’s waiting for her own bedtime.

Another possibility is to just add another daybed to the playroom. We could use it for guests and watching TV, (which would come out if it became a bedroom anyway) and then if they can’t get to sleep, I can separate them as necessary. I could move one into the master bedroom, too, but that would be too much like a privilege than punishment. And if we did split the rooms up, they could still have “sleep overs.”

What to do, what to do…



  1. Oh I wish I had advice but the four of us are in one little two bedroom apartment. I assume they’ll be sharing rooms. With us, with each other…who knows. Maybe we’ll all just sleep on the living room floor together and save the bed for the dog.

    Thanks for the comment at my place today. You’re right – moms are supportive!

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