Posted by: canthold | September 26, 2007

Almost Good Night

I ask my kids the same questions over and over. I’m usually waiting for the FINAL answer to things, because I know that the first ten answers are not the end. The problem, however, is that I never know when the answer is the FINAL answer. Since the last time I asked my girls if they wanted to share a room or split up, they said they wanted to stay together, (this, of course, after they got excited about splitting up,) I decided to try the different bedtime route.

My youngest was ultra-crabby all day long, and since I had had enough of that, I put her to bed first, and early, by 8:00. My nickname for her is Eeyore. She takes it as a term of endearment, which it is, but I hope I’m not being cruel or giving her a prophesy to fulfill. She’s just such a grumpy-butt sometimes and in her world the glass is always half-empty and her sister got more.

So, Little One got put to bed with her own bedtime stories about dogs (she was Cinderella’s dog Bruno for Halloween last year.) She liked that she got to have my undivided attention and that she didn’t have to listen to stories geared toward her older sister. She went to bed immediately and never once asked where her sister was. Nor did she come out of the bed to look for her sister or wonder what her sister was getting that she wasn’t.

After lights out, Older One and I got into my bed and read three stories. Actually she read to me. It was fun. We talked and it was a wonderful bonding time. It was reminiscent to the closeness that we had before her sister was born. It was like we were the only two people in the whole wide world. A little bit of heaven.

I put her to bed and she went peacefully. I practically jumped for joy that I was home free. I didn’t, though, since that would have been too loud. I proceeded to put on my iPod and start cleaning the living room to Cheap Trick. Suddenly, feeling as though I wasn’t alone anymore, I turned around and just about leaped out of my shoes. My oldest daughter was half-hiding behind the couch. From that point, she refused to go back to bed. Since she was older, she was going to stay up until she was tired and I wasn’t going to make her do otherwise.

Yikes! I created a monster.

Since she refused to go to bed when I ordered her to, I decided that I would make it really un-fun to be up. I put her in a timeout. That took the wind out of her sails and she went to back to bed to get out of her punishment. That really sucks. I hate transitioning from loving connections to Grumpy Mom. From the time I tried to put her to bed originally, at 8:30 to actually getting her back in bed was one whole hour.

I’m not sure if it will work tonight. I’m not sure I want to try again, but if this works, everyone wins.


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