Posted by: canthold | September 26, 2007


What exactly does the G in OMG stand for anyway? Is it God? Is it god? Is it gawd? Is it gosh? Or Gosh? Golldarn?

The split bedtimes didn’t work tonight. I think my oldest daughter was too into being special that she couldn’t help but rub it in that she was staying up later. My youngest caught on and the jig was up.

I’m so unbelievably tired right now and it’s not even 9:00! Of course, the light went out in the kids’ room at about 8:20 and they’re still up. I can hear them. I’m ignoring them, but I can hear them. How could they possibly give up the opportunity to sleep? I know that if someone told me that I had to sleep right now, I’d be on it faster than I could think of something to be faster than.

The OMG is how overwhelmed I feel about having a house-guest here tomorrow. FlyLady says to keep your house within 15 minutes of totally clean. I can never get my house closer than a good two-hours of caffeine-loaded, dripping sweat racing around. And it’s almost like I do this to myself on purpose. What’s wrong with me? I cannot believe how far away from presentable my house is right now and I don’t even have the free window of opportunity to do my Mad Dash Scramble tomorrow. That means, instead of stalling by sitting in front of my friend here, Mr. Computer, I should be running up and down the stairs carrying toys to the playroom and wiping the cat food off the dining room wall. (It’s a long story and I’m going to skip it for now.)

What really grinds me is that when I get a room clean, I cannot keep it clean. I have to double-back and get it again. I cleaned the girls’ bathroom last night when they were having their bath – my little trick – and this morning they were walking on the counter top. That’s not really sanitary now, is it? And the playroom/guest bedroom/new ironing room (I’m turning over a new leaf)/at the rate she’s going it’ll be my youngest’s bedroom if she doesn’t go to sleep soon, well, I cleaned that on Sunday and the floor is now covered in Groovy Girls and Polly Pockets. (I have yet to clear out the Polly Pocket magnets from the recall. Fortunately, my kids haven’t eaten anything unusual in over a year. That was when my oldest, who was nearly five at the time, swallowed a penny.)

It took me three days to clean my kitchen. I got it to about 90% clean each time but couldn’t quite get over the hump. And I know for a fact that my kitchen and dining room were spotless last Monday when we had a play-date at our house. I usually clean when kids come over so that I have something to do and I’m not a) loafing about when the mom comes over nor b) hovering over them trying to play along and eves drop on their conversations so that I can know more about what my kids are like with their friends. As of tonight, my kitchen is clean. I need to mop again (I mopped last Monday and have swept three times in between.)

Perhaps I should pour myself a nice glass of wine and clean slowly and deliberately like I’m in a soap opera – wait, those women have maids – or some other fantasy situation. Slowly and deliberately would be better than not at all. That’s a terrible idea because a) I’ll have more energy on coffee tomorrow and b) I don’t have enough points to drink wine.



  1. I always write OMGoodness! I can totally relate to you! And I can’t believe they haven’t made o point WW wine by now, they have everything else!

  2. At my very first meeting, the group leader – or whatever they’re called – kept asking everyone on their second week if they felt deprived. All I kept thinking this last week was YES! I did lose a single pound, and it wasn’t an easy loss. I’m sure it will get better. Thanks for the comment!

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