Posted by: canthold | October 3, 2007

It All Adds Up


The number of fish floating upside down in my aquarium. The family Plecostomus, which we’ve had longer than any of the other fish in the tank – probably going on three years or so – is probably dying. Not dead. But nearly. I changed the water last night, which I hate to do, which makes me a bad aquarium owner, but I thought I’d try to help the guy out. He doesn’t have a name since we got him after the mass death we experienced when our filter broke the first time. It broke my heart so much to get attached to the damn things, but I do nonetheless. If this dude does indeed die on me, I will probably give him a funeral (for me, not the kids) and I will dismantle the aquarium altogether. It’s time.

One (Again)

The number of rabbits I’ve seen this week.


The number of pets in my house that need to get shots. I’ve been trying to get them to the mobile vet for discounted vaccines, but the gods are conspiring against me. Where has the month gone?

Two (Again)

The number of my pets that need to get their flea and tick meds put on. I’ve been avoiding doing it after last month’s drama with the cat. I feel like I’m about to get that puff of air for a glaucoma test. I know it’s coming but I keep blinking it away.


The number of fairies that visited our house this week. Their names are Pinky, Marsha and Lulu. My daughter left them a note that I hate them. That’s not true but I don’t want her fooling around with the little trinkets left behind while I’m trying to get her to walk to school. (We drove.)


The number of baby cellar spiders in my office area. Coincidentally, this is the same amount of smears in my upstairs bathroom from a killing spree that my husband went on to eradicate cellar spiders from in there. Unfortunately, they will probably be there for a while since I can’t reach the smears to clean them off. I should have beat him to the punch with my vacuum. It would have saved me work in the long run.


The number of deer I’ve seen this week. I think that a family of deer live on my hill. They’re usually together. The fawn looks at us in utter amazement and full curiosity. I like to imagine that it’s looking at me and making a connection. It’s probably actually staring at my dog and wondering if it’s dangerous. Maybe it’s shocked that I’m able to walk around with this animal on a leash and it’s letting me.


The number of underwear left in my drawer. I’m so far behind on my laundry it’s not even funny.

One (Revisited)

The number of oak trees with a giant red X on the trunk that I saw this week. I just read about sudden oak death and now I’m on the lookout for dying oaks. It makes me sad.



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