Posted by: canthold | October 3, 2007

Those Poor Children

Those poor children! Those poor children who lost out on their health insurance because some middle class children might also get something from the government had a sad loss in the President’s veto today.

This Children’s Health Insurance Bill looked like the kind of no-brainer that would pass blindfolded with one hand tied behind its back. It had bi-partisan support in the Senate and it was to help the children. Who doesn’t want to help the children? Apparently President Bush doesn’t want middle class children to have health insurance and leave the private insurance behind. He only wants the poor children to have it.

Does this silver-spoon leader not know that the middle class is shrinking? Well, maybe it is and maybe it’s not. But does it matter if the middle class gets a break with lower healthcare costs for their children? Is that so wrong? They’re children for criminy sakes!

Oh, I’m sure that there is some verbiage in the bill that the Prez can use to justify his veto. Since he’s prone to them, this must be no big deal. Wait, this is only his fourth, that can’t be it. He must really want the poor children to do without. (Heaven forbid the government should take care of its citizens!) This veto gives new meaning to the term Lame Duck. He certainly is. Lame. I hope that the Congress can override his veto with a two-thirds vote. Here’s to hoping the checks and balances of government work the way they’re supposed to…


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