Posted by: canthold | October 10, 2007

Armchair Activism

Have you joined MomsRising yet? Well, if you have, you can just skip this part since you’ve probably already sent the letter to your congressperson to over-turn SCHIP, the bill that President Bush veto’d sending the message that he doesn’t care about children’s health care.

But if you haven’t, you might want to check it out. Think of it as Armchair Activism. Make a difference for women and mothers without taking your babies into a 200,000 plus rally against the war, (which I did – actually – I was pregnant at the time with only one child on the outside) or flying to the Congo with a machine gun and mowing down some misogynists, (which I feel like doing.)

And my little innocent kitten is in heat. She’s three weeks away from her appointment to get spayed and the poor little dear is miserable.

Before I get off the subject of activism, I’d like to direct you to an interesting article on Hillary’s run for the presidency in the Economist. I know that she can be very polarizing and that not many people are lukewarm about her – they’re either hot or cold. So, while I hope not to encounter any closed minds on the subject, think about these things while you’re formulating your voting opinion.

First of all, I can’t believe how everyone holds her failure on the first stab at Universal Health Care over her head. The reality is that she tried to take on an incredible lobby and major opposition. It’s not surprising that the first attempt wasn’t a success with the odds against it, but at least she tried. Most people don’t take risks for fear of failure, even with no one watching, let alone the whole world. If the computer makers had given up earlier, we wouldn’t be able to buy Dell laptops for $400. If she’s learned something, (and I’d bet she has) watch out!

Secondly, not a single president in our history has been perfect. If you love Bush, you can cite the first Clinton as an example, but if you hate Bush (like me) you can hold him up as the biggest boob example. So if anyone with a half a brain can do better that what we have now, why not choose the one person who can smash the final glass ceiling for women. I happen to like her and think she’ll do a great job, but I’d love for her to win for the team, too.

(Stepping off my soap box now to do some laundry…)



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