Posted by: canthold | October 11, 2007

On The Seventh Floor

My husband recently emailed me a joke about a Man Store. I’m not going to re-tell it, but essentially, the women can choose any man from any floor, but if they choose to go up in the elevator, they cannot go back down. The floors get better and better as the women go up higher. Once they hit, say…floor number six, the man from that floor would be pretty doggone perfect. But there is still the option to go up another floor. Curiosity gets the better of most women because they want to see what could be better than the sixth floor. It turns out to be an exit. The floor was put there just to prove that women are impossible to please.

As it turns out, I’m pretty close to impossible to please, too. I keep tweaking my website in hopes to find something that I can live with. The last one seemed too gloomy, impending storm clouds. It was also not secure – something that I discovered in trying to figure out how to change the picture. So…I’m off again, trying to find something that I like better.

The fact of the matter is that I liked my first one the best. When I upgraded I lost it and I never saw an upgraded version of what I lost, so it’s gone forever. I like this one so far and when I get the pictures straight, I’ll be even happier.

And what’s up with the page headers? Somehow the Archives are pointing somewhere I don’t keep my files. I only know enough code to be dangerous, but I need to figure that one out. My problem is that I never spend enough time to actually get this where I want it. I put about 75% effort and stop.

Well, I’m a mom. Constant interruptions. Never-ending to-do lists. No free time. I can’t promise a smooth site, but I can promise that I’ll probably always wander up to the seventh floor.


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