Posted by: canthold | October 15, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays…

I’ve been kind of blue today. It was rainy for about half the day. I weighed in at Weight Watchers and didn’t lose anything this week. In addition to having to grease the doorway to squeeze one kid off to school, the other had to have her hand pried off mine as I dropped her off.

It’s funny how contagious my outlook on the day can be. If I were in a good mood, I would see the glass more on the full side. Since I wasn’t in a good mood, I clearly needed a refill.

It doesn’t help that my oldest daughter will not get out of bed and dressed for school to save her life. I don’t really know how to make it happen better than I do it, which, I’ll admit, is probably not the best. I always resort to yelling. To my credit, however, I’ve tried a million different things to get our mornings on track and have only had intermittent success with any of them. Rewards don’t work. Lists don’t work. Earlier bedtimes don’t work. The alarm clock isn’t working anymore. Taking her to school in her pajamas doesn’t work. Letting her suffer the consequences of a tardy doesn’t work. She either does it or she doesn’t. Today she didn’t. She was late.

My youngest is already over four-years-old and still having separation issues. My oldest was so excited about going to school that on her first day she turned her back to me and never said goodbye. She’s still mostly like that now. My youngest clings for dear life and hugs me like I’m giving her my seat on the Titanic lifeboat. I have resorted to having someone hold her while I walk out the door more than I care to admit. The advice given to me was to have an established routine and just say goodbye. All the theories sound good until put into practice. Today we separated after a teacher simply held her hand. I like to tell myself that she likes the school when I’m not there at least, and I hope that it’s true. (The spys that I have enlisted to check on this do confirm that she’s happy.)

As for Weight Watchers…I know that since I didn’t gain any weight I shouldn’t beat myself up. In fact, I shouldn’t beat myself up at all. It’s a lifestyle change, and since it didn’t take me overnight to gain this inner-tube around my middle, it’s not going away that quickly either. The thing is, though, that I worked out more than usual this week. It’s discouraging. I’m going to be a better rule follower this week and see if I can lose by next Monday. Here’s hoping…(and to stopping eating whipped cream by the spoonful.)

This reminds me of the story I read to my kids at bedtime. Actually, it’s a story within a story. The book is called Zen Shorts. It’s about a bear named Stillwater who comes to know three kids and tells them stories with great lessons in them. One of the stories is about whether to view some occurrence as lucky or not.

I felt as though my outlook was influenced by each last thing that happened. None of it would have been bad at all in isolation, but combined made for a bigger bummer. In the end, though, I solved my grumpy mood by drinking a Red Bull and finally folding and putting away the four loads of laundry that had been staring at me for weeks. Alas, there’s nothing like clean underwear to make a rainy Monday a bit brighter.


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