Posted by: canthold | October 25, 2007

Something Going Around

My youngest daughter sounds like she ate a dog and it’s still barking. There’s something going around both of my kids’ schools and it’s finally hitting the little one. It doesn’t seem to bother her since she’s snuggled up on the couch (er…sofa) watching Scooby Doo.

Sickness is a tricky thing at our house. My husband and I were raised to plow through and work no matter what. Sickness isn’t really an opportunity to dial-down, it’s something to ignore. He and I both have stories about what we’ve accomplished with severe bronchitis and walking pneumonia.

Our kids are usually very healthy. Somehow they have immune systems that should be studied in labs. They don’t catch much that goes around and when they do, it’s pretty minor. This, of course, makes it hard to keep them home from school because they don’t even look phased by the bug. They still wind up rearing to go and it’s usually only after the fact that I realize that I probably should have kept them home.

I would never send my kids out with a fever or diarrhea or vomiting, those are the obvious keep-them-at-homes, but it’s the runny nose or occasional little cough that has me stymied. Even when I feel that it might be best to not to go to school, my husband over-rules me and makes them go. Either that, or the minute they see me change my mind, handsprings and bubbly laughter blow their cover and into the car they go with lunch boxes and backpacks.

My youngest daughter runs high fevers, too. Fortunately, I have that Mommy Talent of being able to kiss my children on the forehead and know the approximate number that would show up on the thermometer. It’s a useful talent, indeed, because I don’t happen to have the talent to be able to find thermometers when I need them.

Hopefully this bug will pass away quickly so we can get on with our everyday fun. I’m glad to be over whatever I had, migraine and all, and if my kiddo feels only half as bad as I did, she must be miserable. And I hope that what’s going around doesn’t go around my house for another turn.


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