Posted by: canthold | November 6, 2007

Sweet Charity

After driving around for a couple of weeks with clothes to donate and not knowing exactly where to do that, I finally dropped them off today! There were ten bags of clothes, toys and stuffed animals. Of course, the official party line is that there were only Mommy’s clothes from when I cleaned out my own closet.

For some inexplicable reason, my kids are afraid of charity. They hate charity. It all started when I got the notice from United Cerebral Palsy to put out my donations on July 26th. (It could have been June, I don’t know.) When my oldest daughter saw the postcard pinned to my bulletin board, she asked what the picture of the truck was for. When I told her, her eyes got really big, “Charity?” It sank in for a few days. Then she asked me if I could please promise her that we wouldn’t give any of our things to charity. I’m sure that I gave her some vague answer at first. (I never promised. How could I?)

My daughter would come into my “office” and ask what the date was. I remember thinking at the time that she couldn’t possibly have any reason to be watching the dates. But whatever, I’d tell her. Two days before the 26th, the card on my board disappeared. When I asked her about the card she pleaded with me not to ever send any of our things to charity. All the things that I had cleared out of my house during my It’s All Too Much Purge were stored on the deck off my bedroom. Eventually, both of my girls discovered the stash and started playing in it. Fortunately for me, they didn’t take any of it off the deck. It worked to my advantage when one day not too long ago, I re-bagged everything up when they weren’t home and carried it out to my car.

I’m quite happy to finally be done with those bags, let me tell you. Yesterday at the grocery store I forgot they were in there and had to try to fit groceries in the front seat and under my youngest daughter’s feet. It will be nice to use my trunk again. Ten bags. That’s quite a bit of stuff that I stored in my house for much longer than I was using it. I’m hoping that they are able to sell it and make some money for their charity.


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