Posted by: canthold | November 19, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I just flew in from Barcelona last night and boy are my arms tired! I know that’s such a stupid and over-done joke, but I can’t help it.

My husband and I spent a week without the kids in Portugal and Spain. I didn’t mention it before because of my fear about the burglars that read blogs to find out about vacations. Then again, my husband said I shouldn’t have locked the door when we were gone so that maybe we wouldn’t have as much stuff when we returned. He’s got a point. Not in the desire to be robbed, but in the benefit of less stuff.

This was one of those vacations that you need a vacation to recover from. We were Go-Go-Go the entire time and I skipped my run today just to give my aching body a break. We must have walked 75-miles on this trip. We did not have any real down time, which is my husband’s thing. I slept in a few days here and there, but for the most part, there weren’t many naps and the book that I brought wasn’t cracked open until the flight home. I read the whole thing between both flights – Barcelona to Newark then Newark to San Francisco. And the layover and delay in Newark waiting for the fog to lift at SFO.

(I read A Long Way Down, by Nick Hornby. It’s odd, but entertaining.)

My head is spinning today because I know there are a million things to be done now that I’m back. It’s times like these that I should really lay off the coffee because it can make me more tense, but I want to make sure my body adjusts to this time zone and we got in pretty doggone late last night.

My dear little Pearl is purring in my lap right now, still wearing her cone. I just made an appointment to take her to the vet tomorrow morning. I’m sure she’d like to get rid of this thing. I still need to call my dog-sitter to pick up Mooch. I miss him as much as everyone else, but the chaos in my life is amplified when he’s home and I’m just not ready yet. Give me a few more minutes.

And speaking of missing everyone…I missed my kids like someone stole my lungs and I couldn’t breathe. I know they were fine the whole time, my mom was taking care of them and they were super excited about being with her. And I know that I needed to get away from my life for a break, too. But the week was challenging for me. Boy was it challenging. It seemed as though everyone around us had kids in strollers. Mine aren’t in strollers anymore – in fact, I made my youngest part ways with hers when she turned four – but they were everywhere and it’s hard not to think back on the time when they were that age. And miss them a whole bunch.

So it’s back the grindstone. I hope that I’m – I don’t want to say rested – perhaps recharged. Time away makes the heart grow fonder. I’ll tell you about my trip in increments and share pictures, too, when I finally download them. And even on this gloomy, rainy Monday, I’m glad to be home.


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