Posted by: canthold | November 20, 2007

The Contract

Last night my oldest daughter was in a timeout for insubordination. It’s the blatant refusal to cooperate that gets my goat the worst, and usually the only reason for major punishment. (Except spitting at her sister, but I won’t go into that right now.)

During this timeout, my youngest and I tied on a tutu (me) and an apron (her) and danced ballet around the house. She was teaching me and I was following her lead. It was fun and comical. When my oldest got out of her timeout, she puts a piece of paper in front of me that reads:

I will tetch you ballay.


She wanted me to sign a contract. I started to sign when I heard her say that ONLY she would teach me. I stopped writing my name, as my youngest was already teaching me and I didn’t agree with the terms of the contract.

My oldest waved the paper at me and said, “You signed the contract, Mom.”

Where did she learn this from? Apparently some afternoon Drake and Josh taught her about contracts and exclusivity. Part of me was proud and part was appalled!

In the meantime, I distracted her from contract enforcement and we all danced ballet until we got distracted by my husband’s unusually early appearance home from work. (It was slightly after eight.) All’s well that ends well.

I’ve got to go. I need to rip up that darned contract before my oldest comes home from school…



  1. That’s better than the notes my 7-year-old usually hands me. Last night it was a list of the ways in which her dad and I had been so unfair to her while playing Operation with her and her sister.

  2. We teach them how to read and write – and then they do!

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