Posted by: canthold | November 28, 2007

Life’s a Carnival

Sure, life’s a carnival but I happen to be in that scary room with the distorted mirrors right now. I’m looking at the one that makes my middle appear much larger than it was before kids. I’d like to move on to the next mirror please. Or – better yet – I’d like to look in the mirror that has Olivia Newton-John in Grease looking back at me. That and a dance with John Travolta and I’d be as giddy as a front-row-fan at a Tom Jones concert. (I just watched Flushed Away last night – one of my favorite “kid” movies – if you need to know where Tom Jones came from.)

If you would like to take a moment and visit a carnival, follow the links to these fun zones: Carnival of Cities and Carnival of Family Life.

I don’t think they’re supplying any cotton candy, but that’s cool, too, because I’d never get anything done today if they did.


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