Posted by: canthold | December 26, 2007

Fast away the old year lasses…

My six-year-old and I argued today over the lyrics to the song Deck the Halls. I said it was “Fast away the old year passes,” which is truly how I feel. She insisted that it was, “Fast away the old year lasses.” I asked her what a “lasses” was and she said it was a drink. Yikes!

Time sure does lass us by, though, doesn’t it? I had one of the best Christmases with my kids. They get better and better as they’ve been getting older. They get into the surprise and wonderment of Christmas gifts like never before. It’s all so magical to them. This year we, er…Santa gave both girls a dollhouse. My oldest just kept going on and on how she didn’t know Santa could bring a house like that down the chimney. She was amazed. Then she found packaging for one of the dolls inside the house somewhere and told me about it. It just makes me hate lying about Santa all the more.

The best part about Christmas for me, though, selfish and egotistical as I am, is the part where I got carded at the grocery store. I had both my kids in one of those carts with the car on the front and I was trying to manage a quick trip to pick up some wine and bread for Christmas eve dinner (I make a family spaghetti sauce that is out of this world!) My kids were wild, the lines were long, and I was trying to just get it over with. I swiped my debit card to pay and the checker asked for my ID. I showed him that my card had my picture on it before I realized that he just scanned the wine (Italian for the sauce) and he wanted to verify that I was of age. Wow. I told him I just turned 40 this year and he told me I looked young.

My youthful glow must have blinded him.

In any case, that was my goal after 40 – to get carded at least once. There, I can age gracefully now. (Not going to happen.) But it did make my day week month.

Now that the craziness is over, it’s time to clean up the holiday mess, get ready for a house guest, and work on losing the bit-o-weight that I put on eating that aforementioned spaghetti dinner with bread. And de-cluttering the playroom again to fit in the new toys. Lots of work, let me tell you.

In case you didn’t know this about me, I love New Years and resolutions. More on that when I have a few moments to rub together. It’s something to look forward to…


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