Posted by: canthold | December 28, 2007

Mystery Miracle

I lost my cell phone about a month ago. The last I remember seeing it was when I put it in my open purse, in my car, and my purse tipped over. I never suspected it was anywhere except in my car, but that didn’t stop me from turning my house upside down looking for it. And my purse was cleaned thoroughly several times. And I paid people at the local car-wash to vacuum it out really well.

It was gone.

Yesterday my mother and I loaded my two kids into the car and went to the Sprint Store to get a replacement phone. I finally talked my husband into getting a cell phone, too, so we were there for a while picking that out and setting it all up.

The problem is that part of my middle that seems to constrict around my heart making me want to puke or hyperventilate when I spend too much money activated when I discovered I couldn’t replace my lost phone for $35-50, as I had mentally allowed myself to spend. Oh no! Cell phones cost much more than that. And why is that? How come technology gets better and better yet you can’t just buy a basic no-frills cheap-o phone? I suspect it’s a rip-off.

So, with fear of telling my husband that I spent (over) $100 to replace my phone, I did it anyway. It’s so the kids’ schools can reach me in an emergency or if I’m on the freeway with both kids in the car and have a blow-out again. (Yes that happened once and I didn’t have a cell phone.) (Forget that my car is new-ish now – emergencies can still happen.)

When I got back to my mom’s house, she left for an appointment and my step-dad was there. He and I did a quick turn through the car to check for the phone again, since he’s the one who found something lost in my mom’s car once, and the Sprint store said I had 30 days to find the old phone and return the new one. We didn’t find it.

Driving home in the dark, my oldest daughter wanted to call her dad, so I reached into my purse to get the phone for her. I told her the numbers to dial and she said it wasn’t lighting up. That was weird. I reached back into my purse and grabbed what I thought was my husband’s new phone and she didn’t have any trouble dialing that one.

When I got home and went to give my husband his new phone, I reached into my purse and grabbed the two cell phones. Then I stared at my hands. My old cell phone was right there. It was a miracle. It was a mystery.

My step-dad denies putting it there, but after further consideration, he must have found it in my car. There is no way possible that it was in my purse the whole time and no way that it randomly landed in there.

So, now after spending all that time getting a new phone, (not to mention excited that it was better than the last one,) I have to go return it. It saves me a bunch of money, which makes me better able to breathe, but ever so slightly disappointing nonetheless. You can just imagine, though, that I’m not going to lose my phone again. What a hassle! And I’m sure I’ll take the opportunity to upgrade when the remainder of my contract expires in less than a year.


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