Posted by: canthold | January 3, 2008

97-Pound, Size-10 Day

I read something once that said, “if your dog is fat, you’re not getting enough exercise.” I think it’s true. My dog is fat. When he was 87-pounds, the vet was telling me I needed to lighten him up. I took him in today for that limp and he weighed in at a whopping 97-pounds. As much as I dislike this idea greatly, I’ve moved the cat food dish to a distant corner of my counter-top – where no food gets prepared – (and actually the side that dirty dishes pile up) until I can find a better solution to stop that greedy dog.

And I know that I need exercise because I had to try on clothes last night and today for something to wear to my interview. Clearly an indication that I’m not taking the dog for enough walks. I didn’t have anything that fit me besides jeans and funeral clothes. The funeral clothes – black dress and blazer (do they still call it that?) were tight on me, so while I could get them on, they don’t exactly fit. I thought they were a little too formal for this particular interview, too. I skipped wearing khakis for being too casual, but I still felt way over-dressed in a skirt and sweater. (It was probably fine.)

I squeezed myself into a size-10 skirt that friend gave me years ago, and I had to hold my breath the do so. Thankfully, it’s a classic, so after all this time it still looked fine. (At least to me, my outdated-self apparently.) I wore a black shirt – aka nice t-shirt that doesn’t look like a t-shirt – and my black pearl necklace. My shoes, while I adore them for comfort are probably a little too square-toed for the times, but I was covering up my toe cleavage, as the advice I read was to avoid all cleavage. They probably weren’t thinking of my feet, but the shoes are comfortable. Cover it all up with a tan London Fog trench coat because it was POURING rain and you can just picture my over-anxious interviewing-self today.

Speaking of classic clothes…Apparently there are classic sizes too. Should I call them vintage sizes? I don’t know. All I know is that the jeans I wear all the time are Levis, size-6, and they are falling off of me. So much so, in fact, that I have to wear a belt, something I never ever used to do. The size-6 skirts that I dug out of my closet were so small and tight that the fasteners stayed several inches from each other as if the hook was a Hatfield and the eye was a McCoy. Let me put it this way, the size-6’s that I tried to put on made the size-10 look like it fit. Which is why I wore it.

That’s right! I had an interview today! How did that go? I don’t know. I felt the most confident going into this than I have in a very long time. I wasn’t confident that I’d get the job, I was confident that I was a worthwhile person who has done a lot of great things. Even if I don’t get the job, I feel buoyed by the process. I think it could go either way. I have a lot to offer for this position, but I’m missing bits of experience that might eliminate me from contention. It doesn’t matter. I took a chance and that is reward in itself.

By the way…from where I was sitting during my interview I noticed a small cellar spider in the corner near the floor. I noticed it and tried to ignore it. Was it some sort of sign? And if so, was that a good sign or a bad sign?

Now I’m going to go ride the exercise bike that we inherited from my dad and watch some HGTV. It’s going to be a happy New Year, damn it!



  1. I’ve always heard that spiders are good luck. Or maybe I’m just remembering that from James and Giant Peach.

  2. I was thinking they were good luck. They seem to be a sort of talisman for me. In fact, there is a hairy grey one making her way over to me now. I’ll have to put my head very close to her in order to leave my office.

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