Posted by: canthold | January 4, 2008

Dark and Stormy

It was a dark and stormy night…

Wait! I mean, it is a dark and stormy day today.  This morning it was so dark and stormy that my Christmas lights came on because the light sensor thought it was still night. I took my dog out for two-seconds and the small bit of jeans exposed between my knee-high rain-boots and my rain jacket was soaked.

I rescued the lemon tree, too, which was planted in a half wine barrel, which was full of water. The little drain hole got plugged and it filled up pretty darn quick. (PDQ – remember that old phrase?)

But I’d have to say the worst part was when I saw the old oak tree sway a little. I decided to move to the lower level in case the tree came down. The electricity flashed a few times and I brought firewood in – just in case we couldn’t get heat from our furnace.

I’ve taken this down-day to work on the website. As you can see – if you’ve ever been here before – I’ve made some changes. Since I basically don’t know exactly what I’m doing, it’s trial and error. I picture some poor visitor looking at the site and wondering what was going on like in that commercial where the guy tests the light switch and and can’t figure what it goes to, while two houses down the neighbor sits in her car watching the garage door bang into her hood every time he throws the switch.

I learned both C and C++ programming languages about 10 years ago. (Has it been that long?) and I did custom database design at one time, too. (That was not my specialty, but I helped someone do stuff.) So it’s not entirely beyond me to tinker under the hood of this site. I just have an equal chance of NOT doing something right as I have to DO it right. (I hope my admission hasn’t doomed me to vulnerability to hackers.)

Anyway, it’s fun, but it would be nice to go in and do stuff the first time, instead of having to flip that switch ten times before the light goes on (or I stop banging the neighbor’s car.) There are little things that I’d still like to fix, like that little wink my site does when it loads to the left align and blinks to the center. If I can figure that out, I will. I have a vague inkling as to what might do the trick.  And there are other changes I’d like to make. I never like what I write about myself, so I’ll probably re-write that again. Maybe I’ll put a better picture. (If I have one.) And I have ideas for individual pages, too. I’d like to write about what I read. I don’t know if I’m the best reviewer, but I never recommend stuff unless I think that someone could get something out of it.

So, I guess the renovations have started. Since I don’t know how to shut the water off anyway, you don’t have to worry about missing your drink of water.

Speaking of drinks…Can I recommend a Dark and Stormy tonight?

Version #1: 2 ounces dark rum & 8 ounces of ginger beer & a lime

Version #2 (complements of my husband): after adding ice, fill your glass up half-way with the rum you have in your cupboard then fill the rest up with ginger beer, lime if you have it.

Enjoy in front of the fire you make with your dry firewood.



  1. Sounds like a hell of a drink–Especially version 2, which is described in the only manner I can follow directions!

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