Posted by: canthold | January 7, 2008

The Ultimatum

My first grader is going to run away if I don’t give her a rabbit. I told her I had to think about my options before making a decision. I asked her where she planned on going and she said she’d go to England. She’s undecided after learning she can’t get to England without a passport and she needs me to get a passport. I’d prefer she lived at home. Six is such a young age to be on her own. I’d worry about her terribly, I’m sure. She insisted that I’d miss her too much and that I needed to just give her the rabbit.

On the other-hand, I don’t think that I could handle a rabbit right now. We have a kitten, a dog, and five fish. I take care of all of these critters and two children and a husband, (who is as helpless as the kids when he needs to be.) Adding another animal – and a caged one at that – is beyond my capacity. I dislike the idea of caging animals for one. I know that there are probably good arguments for this sort of thing, but I’m more free-spirited about animals than that. And if the rabbit were to run free around the house, I’m pretty sure there would be rabbit poopy all over the place to be cleaned up. Right? Am I right? They aren’t little box trained or anything like that, are they? And then there is the interference between the cat and the rabbit and the dog and the rabbit. “Mooch, don’t eat the cat!” would turn into, “Mooch, don’t eat theNachdem ein Poker Spieler alle seine Chips verloren hat, darf er keine weiteren mehr kaufen und wird automatisch vom Tisch entfernt, es sei denn, im poker Turnier sind Nachkaufe und Aufstockungen erlaubt. cat OR the rabbit!” I just couldn’t deal.

Thankfully, my kiddo doesn’t know the soft spot I have for chinchillas. If she’d have asked for a chinchilla, I might have wavered. And lucky for me, she doesn’t read my blog.



  1. Where does she think these things up. Good job on staying ahead.

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