Posted by: canthold | January 10, 2008

Back In Time

What I really wanted to write about yesterday was how I felt going into the city to go to this luncheon. My friend told me to wear what I would wear to an interview and after my last interview fashion fiasco, I purchased a dress and skirt that fit from the local consignment store. This, of course, after wandering aimlessly through Macy’s without a single idea of what to look at and not a single sales person to help me. (Yes, Mom, you and I will go for real, soon.)

The morning started off with the usual harried scrambling to get the kids dressed, the dog pee’d, the lunches made and everyone out the door to their destinations on time. Then after driving kid #1 to school, I went back home and picked up kid #2, took her to school, then drove back to kid #1’s school to volunteer. I spent an hour slowly drifting from first grader to second grader and back during the Writer’s Workshop with both sets of kids (first-second grade combo class) for about an hour.

I then rushed home and put on “interview” clothes. I tried on several versions of the same outfit: shirt under dress under blazer then no shirt under it all (more comfortable) then two different high heels. One without toe cleavage and one too high to walk in. Then after more rushing around grabbing everything I could think I needed, drove for 50 minutes until I arrived in the city and parked. I ran to my friend’s building and called. I was 10 to 15 minutes late. It was the wrong building so I had to wait for him. (I bumped into an old co-worker for a totally random treat.)

The whole time I stood waiting I couldn’t help but think about my raincoat. It was a very cool London Fog trench coat. I have always loved it, which is why I’ve kept it so long. I started thinking back to when I bought it and it occurred to me that I’ve had it for (drum roll please…) about 17-years. I became super aware of the shoulder pads and thought that I must have looked like a flash-back. I think I need to re-evaluate my clothing. (Did the shoes without toe cleavage look funky and unique or did they look like granny shoes from 10-years ago? I need to find out.)

We walked to the luncheon and I spent about two minutes chatting with a stranger before the meeting was called to order. I ate a salad and my chicken (on mashed potatoes YUM!) and drank a little water, but didn’t touch the fruit tart. I listened to two speakers (not including the MC) and then that little panic attack made me leave at five-minutes to one. (A full five minutes earlier than I had intended to leave.) Making my total time at the luncheon probably less than an hour.

I practically ran back to my car, got it out of hock for (a very cheap) $10. Then drove back home like I wasn’t a mother, (in other words, not very slowly or carefully.) I arrived back at my oldest daughter’s school at 1:50 pm in time to pick her up. (Yes, 55-minutes of travel time home.) I was terribly afraid that I’d be late to pick her up, which is about the worst thing I could do in my world. (Much worse than arriving late to meet my friend.)

Back at the school, I received a lot of raised eye brows and compliments. These people have never seen me in more than my faded (and sometimes hole-y) jeans and a t-shirt or sweater. I must have looked ravishing in comparison. But did they politely keep to themselves that I was out of fashion? Am I? Is there such thing as a classic style that never goes looks dated? I always thought of myself as there, but what do I know?

And I must say that transversing the worlds of kid-dom and the financial center of San Francisco, I felt as though I was Alice slipping through the looking glass. I was morphing between two completely different lives and they are as far apart in protocol as they are in distance.

And for those of you keeping track…I spent an hour and 45-minutes for less than an hour of facetime at this luncheon. It was worth it, I think.



  1. He I have been looking at shoes and there are still a lot of square toed clunky heals. Go figure.

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