Posted by: canthold | January 13, 2008

Tears for Destruction

I finally put away Christmas. I meant to put it away sooner but I just never got around to it. Of course, I had a kid over for a play-date while I was doing it and after they put toothpaste on (in) their eyes and I had to save all of them from blindness, my house never quite got as clean as I intended. When the little one’s mom showed up, my house looked like some sort of disaster hit.

Stellar housewife I am not.

My husband apparently spent an hour-and-a-half cleaning up and I couldn’t tell when I got home today. He was fishing for compliments and I didn’t catch on. Then he threw out there that maybe he shouldn’t do it at all if I wasn’t going to notice. Hmmmm…

Either my house was too messy that what he did wasn’t enough to make a dent (which means that I suck as a housewife) or that he didn’t really do enough to make me notice (which means what?) I seriously doubt he worked for an hour-and-a-half. It’s just not like him. He’s probably exaggerating.

He did get to experience one of the most challenging parts of cleaning in my house, however, and I was glad it was him and not me.

It all started when he collected the paper recycling. All the boxes were broken down and papers piled neatly. You know, all that good stuff. He made the fatal mistake of breaking down a box that my oldest daughter used in her “inventions workshop” at school. She took a cracker box and attached her name in plastic-magnetic letters and put something-or-other inside. I don’t remember what it was, but, as usual, it was veryspecial to her. I have several of these “inventions” (including a kaleidoscope she made that was quite clever.) I don’t know what to do with them because they’re hard to put away and I’m not sure how much they’ll be missed if they disappeared.

My husband took her name off the box and stuck it to the fridge. She saw the letters and freaked out. Didn’t he realize it was a very special box? No. Where did he put the stuff from inside the box? He didn’t know.

Tears. Lots of tears.

She came to me and asked me about the contents, which I denied knowing the whereabouts to, though I vaguely recalled the possibility I tossed them not knowing what they were and assumed they were garbage. Now, before you think that I’m cold and callous, our house is a breeding ground for creative projects and it’s only (less than) 1400 square feet. If I saved everything she made, we’d be living outside while the art remained indoors. My kids are prolific creators.

She managed to put the box back together and moved on to some other activity, but I was glad that my husband experienced the wrath of having destroyed a masterpiece. It’s necessary for him to experience my world every once in a while to understand my challenges.



  1. I blame my husband every time one of my older daughter’s creations goes missing. The good thing is – he really is usually at fault.

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