Posted by: canthold | January 16, 2008

The No-Cat-Food Diet

My dog spent the day yesterday at an orthopedic specialist for his limp. It was a drop-off appointment to squeeze him in three weeks before we’d be able to get a regularly scheduled time.

Getting to this appointment required that I drop him off between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning, run back home, get my oldest daughter’s lunch together and get her to school on time, which was 8:30. I failed the last task and she was delivered 15-minutes late. I had to iron a dress for her because she wouldn’t wear anything else. I told her I would do it, so it’s my fault for not getting it done the night before. (Actually, I had about a week’s notice and still didn’t get around to it.)

So, Mooch spent the day at the clinic and I met with his new vet at 5:00pm. It turns out that my three-year-old Lab has a touch of arthritis. It’s not too, too bad and we have a simple course of treatment. He’s to take anti-inflammatories for 60 days and lose some weight. Glucosamine will help, so I’m going to see about getting him some from Costco.

The good news is that since I moved the cat food he’s lost five-pounds. He’s now only 92-pounds. The vet thinks he should be at 75. My dog needs to lose 18 more pounds!This really isn’t a shock to me, but it’s still a little more than I thought. Fortunately, he can go on unlimited leash walks with me, which makes us both happy. Perhaps I’ll lose weight right along side of him. Instead of cutting out the  cat food, which I don’t eat, I’ll cut out some of the crap I do eat, like brownies and cookies and stuff like that. (More likely the full-on movie-theater-butter popcorn is the worst of my binges.) (Maybe it’s the one more glass of wine at night.)

Poor guy. I know how my knees hurt when I have a bit extra weight on. I also know that we’ll both feel better knocking off a little extra poundage. Who’d have thought my dog would have a New Year’s resolution to lose weight.


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