Posted by: canthold | January 28, 2008

Sunglasses with Style

I bought new sunglasses today. I’ve been doing without since I lost my last pair on vacation in June 2007. I went to replace those but they were discontinued. My search for another pair has been long, tedious and has finally come to an end.


My oldest daughter had the day off from school and joined me at the mall for my sunglasses search. I tried on a few pairs and one in particular kind of grew on me. I’m not a big fan of the Harry-Caray-giant-over-sized look that seems to have warped-in from the 1970s, but I found that I was attracted to the Oakley glasses called Script that are shown on the model wearing the knitted hat. (I believe.) I’ve been trying to find them to try them on to just see if they looked okay on me, but that was not as easy as it might seem.

What I found were a pair of Ray Bans. My daughter with the great personal style didn’t like them. She kept steering me towards narrower glasses like the ones I wear daily, but I wanted more coverage from the sun. Narrow sunglasses let in too much light. I nearly gave up on my choice because she didn’t like them, but then I just went for it. I may have been influenced by the especially bright sunny day we had today in contrast with the weeks of rain that just about flooded our fair town again.

You see, I had a break-through. I used to have style of my own way back when. In high school I looked so cool that people wanted to be my friend because my coolness would rub off on them. I was wearing the thrift shop vintage clothes before they went mainstream and I had the confidence to pull it off. (Not to mention that I used to wear green – my favorite color at the time – to match my 1967 green Chevy Nova.) (For those of you who only know the me from now, try not to laugh too hard at this personal revelation. For me it’s the equivalent of catching the winning touchdown in the game against McClintock.)

I got married way too young the first time to a man who squeezed every drop of individuality out of me by way of near-coercion. He thought it was gross to wear other people’s clothes. He was a preppy guy and made little remarks to me to undermine my confidence and mold me to his way. I was never the same again.

I’ve never been big on trendy stuff because I was always afraid of getting it wrong. I hugged the never-go-out-of-style line so that I didn’t have to worry about what I was wearing. Anymore that means jeans and a t-shirt, my uniform of the last 15-years, or classics as the basic straight skirt and blouse for work.

The issues I have about my clothes have been coming to a head recently during recent what-to-wear-to-an-interview crises. But then, after reading The Tipping Point, which is a FABULOUS book, by the way, and the little blip about AirWalk’s marketing strategy, I had an epiphany.

I went to put on some shoes with a pair of pants that are too short by today’s standards (trendy long things that everyone wears now) and none of my shoes looked quite right. So I dug out these clunky old things that I bought second-hand to replace an almost identical pair that I bought in about 1995-ish and put them on. They made my outfit look like it was mine. Not like I was trying to act my age (which I refuse to do) and not like I was trying to be someone else. The whole thing just looked funkier and full of personality. I’ve been a changed woman ever since.

At the purchase of these over-sized sunglasses, I was worried that I wasn’t getting this trend quite right and then driving home with absolutely NO sun getting in over the top or around the sides, I felt like Andy Warhol, but I also felt like me. I liked them. I bought them. Who cares if anyone else thinks they are cool. I’m going to pull them off like I have the confidence of my old self again. And I think I just might.

*Either that or Lenscrafter’s will exchange them within 30 days.



  1. I see the box is white again. I am glad to here that your confidence is returning. Each of us should find our own way and go for it.

  2. Oops I saw a spelling error and I hate that. Mine of course.

  3. I’m in the middle of the Tipping Point right now, and I’m loving it. I don’t know why I waited so long.

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