Posted by: canthold | February 1, 2008

Eight Random Things

I just got tagged by Tiffany in one of her blogs Tiffany Talks. I’m a fan of RockStories, another of her blogs, but the most accurate way of stating the truth is that I’m just a fan of Tiffany, no matter what she writes.

I’ve never been tagged before, though I sometimes think about tagging myself for a meme, because they look like fun, but I just haven’t yet. I simply do not have enough minutes available to me to write as much as I would like. Too many ideas, too little time.

So, if I have the idea correct, here are Eight Random Things about me:

1. Quite often when I write, and I’m not sure about a grammatical rule, I wonder if Tiffany would think I’m an idiot.

2. My hair got curly after I had my kids.

3. I can identify a movie in only a few frames. I put my skill to use when my husband is channel surfing. It impresses him, which makes me glow. 

4. I love to save money. And get a good deal.

5. In eighth grade, one of the smartest girls I knew told me she aspired to be a stay-at-home mom and I thought she was out of her mind for wanting to waste her life. Hello?

6. I have a super-human ability to see danger before it happens. I can predict when a kid will hit her head on the table corner or slip on that scrap of paper on the hardwood floor. (I try to warn them, but they don’t always listen.)

7. My life is ruled by practicality.

8. One of these days I’d like to go into a bookstore and see my own book on the display table.

These are pretty random and only the tip of the iceberg. Now, do I tag someone else? I’m not sure of the rules here…



  1. Yes, yes…you tag other people now! I never was good with the details.

    # 5 is making me laugh. I remember in law school hearing one of my female classmates protest the trend toward working mothers in a family policy seminar–she said, “Who is raising our children?” and I thought “Why are you in law school?!” I’d be so willing to bet she stuck it out longer than I did!

    Wandering off to feel guilty about # 1 now…

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