Posted by: canthold | February 4, 2008

Lost Things

Did you ever lose something important like the box of blank checks just before you need to write one that is due four days ago? Have you searched frantically, then calmly, seeking through the house on a scavenger hunt but without the fun? That’s me since yesterday, but throw in a bunch of head scratching. (From being perplexed, not lice.) Technically the property taxes were due the first, but they’re not late until April, so I have a little leeway. My husband probably thinks I already wrote the check, but I can’t find the new ones and the checkbook is empty.

My memory is very visual. I can picture where things are in a sort of photographic memory sort of way. I can tell you exactly where they used to be before the rooms got rearranged. I can tell you exactly where the boxes with my old account number are, which I used before I finally broke down after eight years of marriage and moved to a single joint account. I can tell you where just about anything is in my house – or list places to look until you find it. I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw these checks last.

A drawer sticks in my head and none of the drawers that I have looked in have the checks. I’m drawn to a couple areas that are good candidates, in fact they’ve all been searched countless times, but with no luck.

This reminds me of the lost cell phone that reappeared without logical explanation. I think I just might pray to St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of Lost Things. He might be able to helpĀ because I think I’ve also lost my mind.



  1. I’m the same way – I can “see” where things are, so it drives me nuts when I can’t find something. Usually, though, it’s my husband’s fault, like when he takes my car keys out of their usual resting spot, uses them, and then leaves them in his coat pocket. I’ll ransack the house before I think to check his coat.

  2. Perhaps you can check his coat for my lost checks…

    I think I’m to the point where I’m just going to order new ones. I mean, I have to have them and I don’t know where else to look!

    I’d check my own husband’s coat, but he probably needs me to find it for him.

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