Posted by: canthold | February 5, 2008

Loose Ends

No, I haven’t found the checks. I’m starting to think that maybe they’ve run out. That would explain why they are completely and utterly missing as if they didn’t even exist. I usually order two boxes at a time, but I think that my husband only ordered one.

I did find a cute this invocation to chant, but it didn’t work for me. There must be nothing to find:

St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come down
Something is lost and can’t be found

Also, coming around back to the Eight Random Things, I’d like to take a moment to tag hokgardner and Holly. I’ll tag my mom when she starts blogging so that she has somewhere to start. I guess when I’m done I’ll need to set her up, since she only asked me to do it a week ago.

This is a good time to clarify my first Random Thing. Tiffany is a writer and an editor and she has admitted to being a stickler for good grammar and punctuation. I think it’s great and wish I were more talented in this area. For me, writing has always been about sound. It either sounds right or it doesn’t.

I can’t explain the grammatical rules and I don’t know if I follow them all the time, but sometimes I know that I don’t know what they are. The worst for me are numbers. Use words up to ten, then numbers from 11, right? Dashes or no dashes in between one-year-old. (I think so.) Stuff like that. When I’m writing like this on my blog, the effort to get it out of my system is much greater than my desire to do it perfectly. With as many interruptions as I encounter on a daily basis, I would never get anything done without having already given myself permission to not be perfect. (You know, because I would be otherwise, right?)

So when I say, “what the hell,” and I don’t capitalize the “w” or I use double quotes both times here and stuff like that, I think, what if my reader cared about this stuff more than I do – like Tiffany. Would they stop reading because it’s too mentally annoying to come back for more? Do they think I’m an idiot because I’ve forgotten everything I learned in eight grade? (That was the last time I had any grammar lessons, since from that point forward, it was all literature.) For the time being, I’m just going with the flow and sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don’t.

No need to feel guilty, Tiffany, I’m just sorry if I annoy you. And actually, wondering if you would think I’m an idiot makes me try harder than I would otherwise. You make me a better writer just by being a reader.



  1. I just saw that you tagged me. I’ll work on it tomorrow!

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