Posted by: canthold | February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday!

Have you voted yet today? Here in California the polls are open for another hour-and-a-half. I voted at about noon after promising my youngest daughter my “I voted today” sticker in lieu of a scavenger hunt to find Peter Pan.

My husband tried to buy my vote yesterday with diamond earrings. I was tempted, but with my eye on the prize, I’m looking out for the long-term win rather than short-term sparkles. He’s an Obama fan.

He came home last night telling me that he shook Bill Clinton’s hand. He just happened to be at the SF Ferry Building when former President Bill Clinton and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom were there – probably before Hillary did her “virtual town hall.” My hubby told me that Mr. Clinton was the most charismatic man he’d ever met in his life. It didn’t sway his vote, however, and I was a bit envious of the opportunity.

The turnout for this election is supposed to be one of the highest. There is an energy around here that cannot be contained. People have been walking around my town with their “I voted today” stickers more proudly displayed than if their own child had drawn a masterpiece on their cheek in Sharpie. It feels historic.

It’s a big deal.

It’s Super.

I would like to add that while I’m a Hillary supporter, and I want a woman president more than I want a big bag of chocolate right now, I actually like her and think she’d be a great president. I have written a lot about wanting a woman in our highest office, but that is not the only reason I voted for her today. I really like her.

If Obama wins, however, I think I will also win. I like Obama, too. His wife really impressed me when I saw her speak on TV to who knows whom late one night before going down to bed. I am not against Obama, I am just FOR Hillary. But enough about that.

My oldest daughter was disappointed when she found out she couldn’t vote because she is only six. She wants Hillary to win for the same reasons that I do. I’m very impressed with her ability to come up with this line of reasoning since she is clearly Daddy’s Girl. That she sees the significance of this election makes me want all the right things for her all the more.

Now it’s time to go start watching the election returns and make some macaroni and cheese. Again. For the hundredth time this week. Why won’t my kids eat anything else?


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