Posted by: canthold | February 6, 2008

Not As Super Wednesday

I almost cried last night as Hillary won the California primary. It’s that same near-tear experience I have every time I think about Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and the fact that we are as close as we’ve ever been to having a woman president.

It hits home that being a woman and a mom give me a set of issues that are important to me yet left unaddressed by today’s politicians for WAY TOO LONG. I’m thinking specifically of our educational budget crisis at my daughter’s school. I’m thinking specifically about the Paycheck Fairness Act and children’s healthcare.

Even with the good news, I’ve been grumpy all day. I discovered that with the budget cuts that my daughter’s school is going to endure, one possibility being thrown around is half-day kindergarten next year. I have a kiddo going into kindergarten next year. This bums me out.

I want to go back to work. Or at least get closer to that and now I have another monkey wrench to contend with. I like the full day classes because – as it was presented to me last year – it gives the kids more time to get it all done. They don’t have more stuff to do, they just have more time so they’re not rushed through. I like that. I like that they get acclimated to the school process and more time with their peers.

So then it dawns on me that our only-focused-on-torturing-detainees president wants to toss around a bunch of money and our schools are cutting their budgets. What’s wrong with this picture? Can’t the politicians in Washington and Sacramento figure out how to educate our children BEFORE we prioritize war and removing the civil liberties of American citizens, as well as delude the non-Democrats* into thinking that our country runs on butterfly kisses instead of taxes? Let’s take away the funding increase for Homeland Security and give it to the kids.

There has got to be a better way!

*I was recently the recipient of an email by someone who thinks that Dems raising taxes is NOT acceptable. Seeing how the Republican president that we have has just created a huge deficit, I’m not sure who is seeing reality here. No offense intended to the Republicans etc. who understand economics, and no defense of the idiot Democrats out there, if they exist.



  1. While I’m not rooting for Hillary to win the Democratic election because I don’t think she’s the best candidate, it still sure is amazing seeing a woman campaigning and being so close to that office. With that said, even if she did win, I’m not entirely sure our country is ready for it, not to mention the world.

    I absolutely agree about the raising taxes issue. Do most of us want our taxes raised? Not really but they have to fix Bush’s mess somehow.

  2. Thanks for sharing your opinion. This election has gotten people really thinking about what they want from our next leader. I think it’s great.

    And very important!

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