Posted by: canthold | February 11, 2008

Dr Jekyll Has Left The Building

I’m SO not myself these days. I just fly off the handle over the stupidest things. I have the tolerance of a Pro-Lifer in an abortion clinic and the patience of my dog while another pooch passes by.

And I yell. Too much. About everything.

My dog is outside being punished right now, which means he’s barking to get in, and while I feel badly for my neighbors the darned dog ate an entire cherry pie, save the one slice that I ate after dinner. My oldest daughter made it at a birthday party this weekend and no one in the family will eat pie except me. She wanted me to eat the whole thing, so in a way, my dog saved my waistline (from exploding) but he needs to save his own about now.

I bought some new fish this weekend, speaking of pets, and I thought it would be great to buy the pregnant female this time. She had nine little fry and I put them in a clear hospital tank that floats in the aquarium. I took the dog for a walk on Sunday morning and when I returned, there were five. Theoretically, they cannot escape this container, and my daughters claim they do not know what happened, but I suspect they’re responsible. Up until about 15-minutes ago, I didn’t know if they were going to live because I couldn’t tell what or when they would eat. I caught a small fry eating some leaves that I put in the tank (I grow live plants in my aquarium – or more accurately, I kill live plants in my tank.) Sigh of relief, except the mama fish spends a lot of time swimming next to the little ones. I interpret this as a maternal thing, but maybe she wants to eat them.

I saw part of the movie “A League of Their Own” this weekend and caught the scene where the scout visits the woman who isn’t too pretty to look at, but can hit a ball rightie and leftie. When Gina Davis’s character and her sister find out he’s not taking her because she’s not pretty, they drop their suitcases and aren’t going anywhere without her. It was great. I don’t think that women always stick up for each other like that, though. We’re so critical of one another and so hyper competitive. We have to be the best, prettiest, smartest, most authentic and so on. It’s so unrealistic and – quite frankly – exhausting. I’m guilty of it, too, I don’t know of a single woman who isn’t to some degree.

Well, that’s it for me, for now. I’m going to go make my husband his dinner then hunker down with my new book. Maybe I’ll finish my old one, too, but I’m not close enough yet. I have a new interest to learn about sewing. Not just any sewing, but Couture sewing. I just got a book and it’s as fascinating as anything is when you’re diving into a new subject. Just feeding my brain and waiting for Mr Hyde to get out of Dodge.



  1. I love that movie so much, it’s awesome and I also especially like that part. I grew up with that movie, had the VHS tape and watched it a few nights a week. I suspect that if I had it on DVD now I would be the same way. It’s one of those movies for me that just cannot get old, no matter how you look at it.

  2. There must be something in the air. I’m feeling a bit Jekyll and Hyde-ish myself. Of course it could be because my newly five-year-old daughter is talking so much that she’s making my ears bleed.

  3. I have been dying to sew too (even have Tim hooked on Project Runway). It just seems crazy, paying more for the name than for the dress. And thank, thank you for the book, I just love it! It’s become best friends with my netflix subscription…

  4. We girls over here are hooked on Project Runway, too. I like the idea of sewing without a pattern and having a custom fit. This Couture Sewing book is really interesting. I’m inspired – at least in my imagination.

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