Posted by: canthold | February 25, 2008

Razorblades Twirl with Fire

I got the flu shot this year. Seeing how I’m around kids and germs and runny noses all the time, I thought I’d preempt the bad bugs and get a shot. I think for the most part that was a good decision, but something ran through my line of defenses this last week, tearing down my clothes-lines and digging up the flower beds.

My family spent the week in the snow for Ski Week, which is sort of like an extra Spring Break around here. We had a timeshare week that we didn’t know what else to do with and used it at a place in Reno, an easy drive to Lake Tahoe. We were right on the river, which was really quaint, and had a wall of windows facing the snow covered mountains. It was a beautiful view.

The hotel had an indoor pool and unlimited hot chocolate, both popular with the kids. I, of course, forgot my bathing suit so I couldn’t swim. This wasn’t entirely a bad thing because sometimes chlorine really grosses me out and it was highly chlorinated in that pool. (I saw a show on fancy mansions once that had a salt-water pool so the owner didn’t have to deal with chlorine. What a novel idea.) I forgot a lot of stuff packing for this trip. Conditioner for my long frizz hair, socks for my girls, socks for me, and 12-pairs of underwear for them weren’t enough apparently.

The trip started off very promising and we scheduled for the girls to have ski lessons. My youngest, Eeyore, decided she didn’t want to do anything so she bailed out on her lessons for Tuesday. When Tuesday rolled around, my husband took my oldest to ski.

I had a fever.

I couldn’t move.

My poor youngest daughter had to stay in the hotel room entertaining herself for HOURS while I curled up at death’s door, head on the mat. When my husband finally brought home some Tylenol for me, I was able to break the fever and feel – on a scale of 1 to 10 – about a two!

Thursday both girls took a ski lesson and my husband skied with my oldest after hers. I’m sure it was something that they’ll both remember forever. And we had a big dump of snow that night, too, which was fun. (Especially to drive in!) (Yikes!)

Friday we went ice skating at the rink on the river in Reno. It snowed on us while we were skating, which was just beautiful. Somewhere in between we went to Circus Circus, the obligatory gambling adventure for small children. It was like an indoor fair and the girls ended up treasuring their cheap-o stuffed animal prizes like they had never seen a toy in their lives. And our family of four ate breakfast for $20, miracle of miracles.

I’m sure as people ask me about our trip I’ll remember all the fun and good things we did and I’ll say, “great,” and “fine,” to describe it, but let me tell you. I was as sick as a dog. It took every ounce of whatever I could muster to move and keep myself standing. I couldn’t  talk by the end of it and breathing felt like inhaling razorblades. Coughing made those razorblades twirl with fire. 

Let me just say that I’m glad to be home.

Glad to be home except for the bout of vertigo that I had Saturday night due to some combination of the congestion and altitude changes. It was pretty violent and miserable and I hope it doesn’t come back again. No rest for the wicked, eh?

By the way…I didn’t mean to imply that Baby C was mine. Sorry Mom. One of my best friends from a long-time playgroup just had her baby number four. She’s amazing. And the baby is cute, too. (I’ve seen pictures.)



  1. I have this (some call it strange) belief that the flu shot does nothing but actually make you get the flu so you have to spend money at the doctor to get antibiotics. Government plot, I tell you!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful trip, except for the whole sick thing. I’m craving winter weather, but it’s not likely to happen here this year. Sigh.

  3. I keep thinking about the government conspiracy theory on the flu shots and it cracks me up!

    It was wonderful seeing snow! You have some nice weather where you are, too though, on the other end of the spectrum, don’t you, hokgardner?

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